Quidditch club takes flight


By Jessica Hartling

Assistant Editor


     There is a new sport club on campus: Quidditch Club. 

     After the success of the Quidditch World Cup event for VU After Dark last semester, Anna Jocham decided to make it an official sport club on campus. 

     Quidditch is a sport in the magical world of Harry Potter. This game is played in the air on bewitched brooms. There are seven players on each team: a keeper, a seeker, two beaters and three chasers. 

     The game is played similarly to that in the books, but it is played on the ground and the snitch, a tiny golden ball that wins the game when caught, is represented by a player.

     Jocham, sophomore clinical laboratory science major, is the president of Quidditch club. 

     “I am really excited to get a lot of students who are interested in participating,” Jocham told Lumen. “In an ideal world we would have four teams, one for each of the Hogwarts houses, but we will see how the semester plays out.” 

     Quidditch Club had its first meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 11. “We played Harry Potter charades as a way to break the ice. We want this club to be a place for people who enjoy Harry Potter to have fun, and play Quidditch together,” Jocham said. 

     “We are trying to get hold of UW-La Crosse and Western Technical College to see if they would be interested in forming a team. This way  we can compete with other people beyond our campus.”

      There is an International Quidditch Association (IQA), which Jocham expressed interest in joining.    

     “Depending on how this year goes and how involved students are, we are interested in joining the IQA,” Jocham said. 

     According to the IQA’s website, there are over 300 teams worldwide. This year, the IQA World Cup is being held in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

      “It appears we have a strong start to the year as a club,” Jessica Schurmann, senior studio art major with an emphasis in painting from Mauston, Wis., told Lumen. “If people are interested in joining, they can.  So far we have been having a lot of fun, and it looks promising for the future of the club.” 

     Those interested can contact either Jocham or Schurmann. Team practices will begin in the upcoming weeks.


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