Sixth annual Scholars’ Day coming to Viterbo

By: Melissa Freund



Friday, April 25 will mark the sixth annual Scholars’ Day event at Viterbo, and the registration deadline is quickly approaching.

Students hoping to present scholarly research at this year’s event must have projects registered by Friday, March 21.

Students can register for Scholars’ Day online at Viterbo’s undergraduate research page. In order to complete the registration process, presenters will need to submit the title of the research, the names of any student collaborators and the type of presentation that will be given, such as poster presentation, oral presentation or performance.

Faculty advisors are also able to register student projects for Scholars’ Day. Therefore, Kirsten Gabriel, Viterbo’s academic programs coordinator, suggests that all students check with the faculty advisor of their scholarly work to ensure that both parties do not submit a registration for the same project.

Gabriel also stressed, “When we create marketing and event materials, we use registrations verbatim, so all registrants should double check their registrations for spelling and accuracy.”

Beginning in 2009, Scholars’ Day has been an annual, “campus-wide showcase of student scholarship and faculty mentorship,” Gabriel explained. “Viterbo students engage in some fantastic scholarly work and we wanted to have a venue to celebrate and showcase that work.

“This is a wonderful, non-scary way of presenting a work that you’re proud of,” Gabriel continued. “Sharing what you’ve done with others is an essential part of life and Scholars’ Day provides an encouraging, celebratory atmosphere in which to practice that skill.”

Student participation has been gradually increasing over the past few years, with 271 students participating in the event last spring, about a 30 percent increase from the participation in 2012.

“This year, I’m hopeful that we’ll have a record number of students participating and a better representation of all the great things that are happening on our campus,” Gabriel stated.

Scholars’ Day presentations will be taking place all over campus throughout the entire day on April 25.

While classes will not be cancelled for the event, presenters will be excused from class for the duration of their presentation sessions and the Viterbo community is encouraged to attend the presentations that are convenient for them, Gabriel said.

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