Time to say goodbye


Jessica Schurmann

Graphic Designer & Online Editor


     When one of my best friends graduated last semester, she told me everything felt surreal when the clock ticked down to graduation. At the time I thought I wouldn’t feel that way but now…I see that she was completely right!

     I will be graduating in December with a BFA in painting. At the end of my freshman year I decided on a whim to apply to Lumen as the arts and entertainment editor, to help promote events in the art department and practice my writing skills.     

     I was offered an assistant position, and after that year was up I decided to come back as the Arts and Entertainment editor, followed by Assistant Editor last year, and now Graphic Designer and Online Editor. 

     Although many people are straying away from reading physical papers, I have grown to love the process and the newspaper business as a whole. 

     I loved being able to express my opinion duirng the presidential campaign last year, and bringing up important, sometimes controversial subjects that I felt needed to be recognized. 

     Now as the graphic designer I have been able to combine my skills from my art classrooms and my knowledge of writing for the paper to bring new editions to print. 

     I want to say thank you to my fellow editors from the last three years, and to Lyon Evans for teaching me everything I know now about writing for newspapers.

     I also want to thank all of you who are reading this, for supporting our efforts!

     I will miss the layout room with the retro (and comfy) couch I napped on plenty of times, and the continuous flow of pizza! Good luck to the staff in the future, you will do great!



Jessica Hartling

Assistant Editor


     Well, Lumen Readers, it has been a nice year and a half. At the day of publication, I will be graduating in a week and a half from Viterbo with a degree in Biochemistry. 

     I started out working for Lumen as Assistant Campus Life Editor last school year. For those who don’t know, this year I have been Assistant Editor. 

     Assistant Editor has been such an adventure. I have written opinion articles, created my own layout and learned more about journalism than I ever expected when I first stepped on campus. 

     Now that I am preparing myself for my last step off of campus, there is some imparting wisdom I wish to share. 

     First, for current and future Luminators, those who work for Lumen, I wish you the best of luck. Push your limits and the limits of what has been done before. Have fun writing and it will show through. 

     To those who are just starting their career at Viterbo, or those who are nearing the end, just keep swimming. If there has been nothing truer during my time at Viterbo it is Dory’s (the blue sidekick from Finding Nemo) motto to just keep swimming. 

     Things will get tough and you will think that there is no way you can make it work. People before you have been in your shoes and they have survived, and so shall you.  

     The chapter of my life which has been the past three and a half years is coming to a close. It is crazy how quickly time flies by. As of right now, I am not positive as to where the next chapter will take me, but I am very excited to see where it will be. 

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