Spanish club hosts fiesta

By Melissa Vach

Arts & Entertainment Editor


     “The Spanish Club Fiesta was bumpin’!” Julia Callaghan, junior mathematics major and Spanish and accounting minor from Eau Claire, Wis., told Lumen. The Spanish Club hosted a fiesta on Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Viterbo Nursing Center’s room 195. The fiesta was open to all members of the Viterbo community. At least 15 people attended.

      “I have to say my favorite part was probably the food,” Callaghan said. “We had endless amounts of chips and salsa from Tequila’s, a heap of homemade guac, some really amazing freshly baked cookies and a scrumptious gluten-free chocolate cake from the Co-op.

      “After we ate we turned down the lights, transformed the room into a nightclub, grabbed partners, channeled our inner Shakiras and danced,” Callaghan said. “I must say, Jesús Jambrina really knows how to move.”

     Jambrina is an associate professor and coordinator of the Latin American Studies Program. 

      “Jesús and Raul, a Spaniard, attempted to teach everyone some different Latino dance moves,” Tia Gilmore, junior Spanish major from Madison, Wis. and president of the Spanish Club, told Lumen. “It was really fun to see people dancing the bachata, salsa, merengue and other dances that they normally wouldn’t.”

     “For anyone who couldn’t handle the dance moves, there was a craft table set up with paper ‘calacas,’ or skeletons, that you could decorate, cut out, and assemble,” Callaghan said. “These skeletons will be on display at the Spanish Club’s next event, the Dia de los Muertos table, which is coming up.”

      “We had quite a few people outside of the Spanish Club show up, which was nice,” Gilmore said. “Everyone that came ate, danced and had a good time.”

     The Spanish Club plans on having another fiesta in the spring.

     “It will be free and everyone is invited to attend,” Callaghan said. “Of course, there will be more food and even more dancing. We are unsure of the date yet. We invited Enrique Iglesias and he’ll most likely be in attendance–he’s never let me down before–if that’s any incentive for any of you ladies out there.”

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