Get to Know: Dakota Viken

By Brittany Thompson

Campus Life Editor


      Resident Assistants (RAs) play an important role on campus as students. RAs’ responsibilities according to the Viterbo Residence Life page include building community, providing personal growth opportunities and creating fun, social floor activities.

      Dakota Viken from Marshall, Wis. is the RA of Bonaventure, 3rd floor. Third floor is an all male floor. 


Q. Where are you from? 

A. Marshall is a quiet town where it is assumed that there are more cows in the town than people. I have lived there for 16 years and attended Marshall schools throughout my educational career.


Q. What inspired you to apply for the position of RA?

A. I was inspired to be an RA by my sister. She is an RA at UW-La Crosse, where she has worked as an RA for three years. I enjoyed seeing the positive influence and guidance she provided to her residents, which in turn inspired me to apply to become an RA at Viterbo. 


Q. What are some highlights of the experience so far?

A. I am still new to the experience so I would say that the highlights have included getting to know and becoming really close with the other RAs during training as well as meeting and learning about all of the Bonaventure 3 residents.


Q. In what ways have you felt you have improved the dorm or apartment experience for the residents?

A. I believe that any time 50 males are living within such a small space, things can get troublesome and rather smelly. While I have not been able to mask the smell, I do believe that the environment on my floor is positive and that the guys are melding well.


Q. What are you looking forward to in the upcoming school year?

A. I am interested to see the growth and progress that both my residents and I make throughout the school year. I hope to help them as much as possible as the school year progresses.


Q. What it something your residents may not know about you?

A. The thing that my residents probably do not know is that I have never broken a bone or had a serious injury.

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