Wisdom from NYC


By  Jessica Hartling

Lumen Assistant Editor


     Welcome back Viterbo students! My name is Jessica Hartling.  I am the assistant editor for Lumen. 

     During the summer, I lived on the island of Manhattan for two months. I was offered a biology internship in which I conducted my own project. 

     Living in the city that never sleeps I learned many life lessons. These lessons I feel are important to share with Lumen readers. 

     First, do not forget to smile and be polite. The stereotype that New Yorkers are rude is not completely true. They are just not as nice as what we find in the Midwest. With this being said, it is amazing how much a kind gesture or a smile can impact someone’s day.  

     Second, live in the spur of the moment. Be flexible with your plans. Make the most out of your time here at Viterbo and in college, because we only get one chance of being here. 

     Next, find your inner fashionista. In New York, anything goes. You decide to wear something outrageous, but you love it and feel confident in it. Rock it! Do not be afraid to express yourself through clothing.     There is nothing better than having an outfit which illustrates who you really are. 

     Go see shows! I never realized how much a single show could impact your life. I saw “Once,” a Broadway musical about the characters Guy and Girl. It is a simple love story, but by the end, I left the theatre a different person. I found myself rekindled with the idea of fighting for your dreams, and you will achieve them.  Support the theatre, musical theatre, and vocal performance departments and take advantage of the possibility what you see on stage may change the way you see the world. 

     Lastly, there is a big and crazy world out there. I never realized all the possibilities that were open to me until I went to New York. I saw a world full of culture, and opportunities which are not available to me here in Wisconsin, such as seeing Nicki Manaj at Target.  Go explore yourself and the world. I feel like Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus” when I say this, but “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” 

     I look forward to writing in Lumen this year, and sharing my newly found perspective with the readers. 

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