Einstein’s Bros. Bagels holds grand opening at Franny’s location


By Brittany Thompson

Campus Life Editor


     Thursday, Sept. 5, marked the grand opening of Einstein Bros. Bagels at Franny’s (EBB) located next to the campus library in the previous location of Franny’s. To mark the occasion, the Viterbo community was invited to participate in a bagel toss, sample various bagels and shmears, as well as receive coupons and special promotions.

     Mary Simota, director of campus dining, described the event as “very successful” and noted the high volume of students as well as faculty in attendance. 

      Simota said early favorites are the blueberry muffin, the grab-and-go Tasty Turkey on Asiago Cheese Bagel, and the yogurt parfait cup. For bagels, the Cinnamon Sugar and Everything varieties stand out as most popular.

     Why EBB over other franchises? Simota explained that in market research, EBB has been very successful at other locations. Just as important, the franchise is willing to work with smaller campus dining programs, such as Viterbo’s. 

     While Subway was also a popular suggestion in campus dining surveys, Crossroads POD & Grill already provides made-to-order sandwiches. 

     Representatives of Student Government Association, Simota, and other Viterbo staff agreed that the products provided by Subway would be too redundant and EBB better suited the campus’ needs. 

     A noticeable change from the former Franny’s café is the expense. The higher cost stems from greater variety and quality of products said Simota. Einstein Bros. Bagels’ goal, as stated on the company website, is “food that is fast, but never tastes that way.”

     EBB is currently hiring, either for campus work study hours, or non-work study hours. A complimentary meal is provided for each shift worked said Simota. 

     Simota would like to remind students and faculty to “be patient” with the new EBB, “Already, EBB is much busier than Franny’s and additional staff is being added to help improve service time.” Simota states    

“I would encourage everyone to come down and try it. We are working out the kinks and getting better every week.”

     Students and faculty who have tried the new EBB and would like to offer feedback, email Simota at simota-mary@aramark.com. 

     Also, a new online feedback source for all dining services offered across campus, Voice of the Consumer, is to be launched before the end of the semester said Simota. 


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