450 students join Viterbo family


By Jessica Hartling

Assistant Editor


     On a foggy Friday, August 23, around 450 new incoming students moved into Bonaventure and Marian Halls. Orientation leaders, resident assistants (RAs), faculty and volunteers all gathered at 6:45 a.m. to kick off orientation weekend with the move-in process. 

     Clubs such as Residence Hall Council, Student Government Association, and Viterbo Student Nurses Association had students volunteering to help new students move in while promoting their club. In addition, athletes from sports such as women’s soccer, women’s basketball, and men’s rugby were a large portion of the volunteer force.  

     Many of the volunteers were returners from previous years of helping students move in. “This is my second year helping the new students move in,” Jack Rice, junior social work major from St. Paul, Minn. told Lumen. “I wanted to help the incoming students get a great start to their orientation weekend.” 

     Orientation leaders had similar feelings towards the first weekend. “I wanted to help out with orientation weekend,” Nathan Caves, junior nursing major from Rochester, Minn, told Lumen. “I remember how important this weekend was for my success at Viterbo, I wanted to make sure that the new students got the most out of it as possible.” 

   Orientation leaders and RAs moved in earlier during the summer, and spent hours preparing for this event. All the orientation leaders were interviewed and selected during the spring semester, and  had training. RAs went through a similar process. “It was a long and fun process to get ready for all students,” Jeremiah Gile, senior vocal performance major from Madison, Wis. told Lumen. 

     New students arrived to Viterbo in a variety of fashions. Some with multiple cars full of their belongings, or a U-haul. The number of family members helping each student move in varied as well. 

     “I am very excited to have my whole family here to help me move in. I would not have wanted it any other way,” Bailey Kundinger, freshman nursing major from Madison, Wis. told Lumen.

     Not all incoming students were with their family during move in. “I came here by a Greyhound bus all by myself,” Thumper German, education and sociology major from Orange County, Calif, told Lumen. 

     Another student traveled as far as Calgary in Canada to get to Viterbo. “It is a 22 hour drive from Calgary to here,” Liz Beingessner, mother of a new student, told Lumen. “We dropped off his sister and the dog at my mother’s and drove here together.” 

     Many of those helping with move in had advice for the incoming students. 

     “My advice to all students is to do yoga,” Beingessner said. “Be yourself; that is the best advice I can give freshman. Friends will happen, just be yourself,” Gile said.“ 

     After move-in activities, orientation weekend commenced with a theme of Disney movies. Activities for new students included a showing of the “Great Gatsby,” bowling at Pla-mor Lanes, and a comedian. 

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