‘Magnify’ started to bring good into the world

By Valerie Groebner
A&E Assistant Editor

With the spring season having started, an opportunity for all col¬lege students comes along with that. On April 12-14, 2013, Campus Ministry will be hosting their very first retreat called “Magnify.” The idea came from assistant director of Campus Ministry, Emilio Alvarez.
“Magnify” is a compilation of some fun times, some games, some talks and some reflection times, so there will be prayer time as well.” As this is the first time ever for “Magnify,” Alvarez hopes to continue with the retreat every proceeding semester. “The goal is to have the retreat be student-led, for students,” he added.
A twist that comes with “Magni¬fy,” however, is that the participants are allowed to be first-timers only once. After their first time on the retreat, they can apply to be leaders for the next retreat and leave the new participants up to a different group of students. This allows room for expansion and an opportunity for former participants to have a chance at leadership. “You can be a team member as much as you want,” Alvarez noted.
The name “Magnify” comes from a passage in the Bible, Matthew 5:14-16. Alvarez explained that the passage talks about “letting the light of Christ shine… it’s this idea that everyone is called to be in a relationship with God… it’s not only for people who are holy—ev¬eryone has this ability to be holy … to bring good into the world. That’s kind of the idea of what Magnify stands for: is to magnify what God has given you.”
“I’m hoping to get between 15 and 20 students,” Alvarez said. Registration for “Magnify” starts on April 4, and it is open to all college students. Priority goes to Viterbo students—should there be any open spots, but students from other campuses will have the opportu¬nity to fill those in. Registering for Magnify is online at http://www.viterbo.edu/magnify

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