Voice your opinion by voting for next year’s SGA members

By Janelle Mathews

The SGA (Student Government Association) election for the upcom¬ing school year will take place April 8-11. Nomination forms came out March 18, and students can only nominate themselves. The com¬pleted nomination forms, including 25 signatures of current students, are due April 2.
The positions include two repre¬sentatives from each class: senior, junior, sophomore and freshmen. The freshmen representatives will be elected at a later date. Also, eight at-large representatives, one commuter representative and one non-traditional student representa¬tive will be elected. The student body votes for all of these positions along with the position of SGA President.
Other officer positions including the vice-president, secretary, public relations and parliamentarian are “appointed by next year’s SGA President at their first meeting in early May and need to be approved by two-thirds of the SGA” said Matt Krueger, current SGA Presi¬dent.
The only remaining position is the business manager who has to go through an application and interview process because it is a paid position and “we feel it takes a lot more time and effort,” Krueger said.
Krueger believes that this year’s SGA has done a lot of good for Viterbo, explaining, “This year’s SGA had a tough but very success¬ful year because the past three years we had the same president and vice-president, so there was a lot of turnover.”
Throughout this year, the SGA “has been very involved with food service on campus, and we have created posters related to printing costs to let people know where their money is going,” Krueger said.
Krueger stressed the fact that “SGA is really about the student’s voice being heard so that is why it is so important to vote.”
Voting for the SGA election will be handled by Emilio Alvarez, As¬sistant Director of Campus Minis¬try, and ballots can be cast online when the polls are open from April 8-11.
Voting tables with computers will also be available April 8-11 in the student union, cafeteria and Murphy lobby for students’ conve¬nience.

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