Yes, Viterbo does have an art gallery

By Melissa Vach
Contributing Wrtier
Low-visibility of the third floor art gallery in the Fine Arts Center may be primarily attributed to lack of publicity. Anna Van Winkle, a se¬nior visual communications major, commented that, “the only way that I know there are things going on in the gallery is if I know someone who is having a show, or if while I am working in the Fine Arts Center, I look at the listing of shows in one display case.” Without publicity spread throughout campus, even the All Student Art Show fades beneath the shadows of broadly publicized music and theatre per¬formances.
And while there is an All Student Show designed for inclusion of artwork from those not in the arts majors, much of the art comes from majors or minors, with numerous pieces by the same person. Even then, the type of art on display is not all-inclusive.
As a visual communications ma¬jor, Van Winkle stated, “I don’t have a senior show where I get to display my work. If I were to submit a mov¬ie or animation to the All Student Show, I don’t know the likelihood of it being picked.”
The debate between whether or not graphic design or animation can be constituted as art has been raging for quite some time, but for the purposes of Viterbo students, Van Winkle said, “the art gallery is really the only place that is set up to show a movie or animation on campus.”
For the 2012 All Student Show, hand-bound books containing the art were for sale, but according to the official Art Department Blog, only 15 copies were produced, with all proceeds to have benefited future All Student Show book pub¬lications.
When asked about the art gallery, Ian Kyte, a senior business major, stated that, “I don’t think the cam-pus is aware of it at all, and I do not hear anything about it. If I hadn’t worked at the Fine Arts Center then I would have never known about it.”
The general unawareness in the student body is a problem if the art department ever hopes to achieve the same level of interest and awareness as the theatre and music departments have in their Black Box, Main Stage and Recital Hall venues.
What are some ways to help pro¬mote the gallery? “Get a Facebook page if there isn’t one already and promote it,” Kyte said. With social media being a main form of com¬munication in the past few decades, Facebook is an easy way to reach out to the larger campus. The Art Blog is also available; however, it is hidden within the Art Department section of the university website,

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  1. OurFloor

     /  March 27, 2013

    The author who wrote this should have wrote about the awesome show that is up instead of slamming the art department for “not publicizing enough”. We don’t feel the need to annoy everyone with advertisements, if you are interested you will look at the flyers in the FAC and all over the third floor to see when there will be a new opening. Yes, Viterbo does have an art gallery… and its been there forever so come check it out instead of writing negative things about our department. It is open everyday during normal class hours.

    • lumenvu

       /  March 28, 2013

      Check out the next Lumen for an article about the All Student Show!

  2. Beth

     /  March 28, 2013

    I’m disappointed with the narrow view taken by this article. Two people’s experience with the art gallery is not balanced journalism. I can attest that work submitted by non-
    Studio art majors has been accepted into the All Student Show because my own work was accepted before I became a studio art major.

    • lumenvu

       /  March 28, 2013

      It is not possible to interview the entire student body of Viterbo for this article. It is just that: two people’s experience with the Art Gallery, not necessarily the entire student body’s views. Everyone has differing opinions. This article is merely a suggestion to the Art Gallery on how to become more visible because a student saw a problem with the visibility of the gallery, not the gallery itself. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Beth

     /  March 29, 2013

    Just to clarify, I did not ask that you interview the entire student body. But perhaps you could have found someone within the department to hear from another side of the issue.


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