Viterbo Night Live coming soon

By Tim Metzler
Online Editor
The next Improv Comedy Team show, titled, “Viterbo Night Live,” will be vastly different from every other event that has taken place on Viterbo’s campus during this school year, Jesse Mossholder, a VU After Dark (VUAD) programming assis¬tant and elementary education from La Crosse, Wis., told Lumen.
Viterbo Night Live will be a collab¬orative program, put on by VUAD and performed by the Viterbo Improv Comedy Team, at 9:00 PM on March 23. The location has yet to be determined.
“The show is meant to be simi¬lar to Whose Line is it Anyway?” Mossholder said. “But the show will be much more unique than that.”
“Apart from having some of the most talented and creative mem¬bers of this university entertain the student body, the show will be special because it will have live commercials,” Mossholder said.
“Any student-run club on Vit¬erbo’s campus has the opportunity to use one to three minutes during the show to perform a commercial they write on their own,” Moss¬holder said. “The idea is that clubs will use their time slot to creatively promote their club and try to recruit new members. However, there are only about six available three-min¬ute slots, so clubs need to act fast.”
Mossholder has sent multiple messages to all Viterbo club presi¬dents, but, by Lumen press time, only one club, the Student Activities Board (SAB), has officially con¬firmed that they are interested in performing a commercial.
“I think the commercial idea is brilliant,” Student Activities Board president, Marissa Kerschner, a psy-chology major from Coloma, Wis., said. “It sounds like a great way to see what other clubs on campus are doing.”
“As for SAB, we don’t have a set plan yet for what we’d like to do for a commercial, but we think the commercial slot will be a great opportunity to advertise Courtyard Carni and WOW Week,” Kerschner said.
Courtyard Carni is Viterbo’s an¬nual carnival to celebrate the end of the year. It takes place yearly on the Friday before finals week, which will be on May 4 this year. The usual location for the event is Assissi Courtyard, but, due to rain, it has also been held in the Mathy Center.
WOW Week (With Out Worries Week) is a series of events that take place during the week before finals week. It is capped off by Courtyard Carni. This year’s WOW Week will be put on through a collaborative effort between VUAD, SAB and Campus Ministry. The exact dates for the week are April 29-May 4.
“I hope our commercial is funny, but I’m really just excited to collab¬orate with other clubs on campus,” Kerschner said.
While Mossholder enjoys the prospect of providing clubs with a unique opportunity to advertise, his gaze is affixed upon a larger goal.
“One of my goals as a VUAD pro¬gramming assistant is to establish consistent collaboration with all of the clubs on campus,” Mossholder said.
“I want everyone to know that I am very open to collaborating with clubs,” Mossholder said. “I believe that we will experience more suc¬cess in creating a university-wide community if we collaborate.”
Clubs that collaborate with VUAD are likely to see an increase in atten¬dance, public visibility, save on cost and add potential to increase club membership, Mossholder said.
“For any club interested in secur¬ing a commercial slot or in collabo¬rating with VUAD, don’t wait for me to contact you,” Mossholder said. “There are limited slots. Con¬tact me as soon as possible, and I will respond quickly.”
Mossholder may be contacted via email at

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