Use YOLO for good acts

By Melissa Freund
Assistant Sports Editor
It’s the newest slang term that everyone’s using: YOLO!
Log onto Facebook, Twitter or any other social media type website, and you’re sure to see those four letters. You only live once.
Do something while drunk that you later regret?…..YOLO!
Get caught doing something your parents don’t approve of?…..YOLO!
The phrase, which was popular¬ized by Drake when it appeared in one of his songs, was once referred to in a Tweet by comedian Jack Black as, the “Carpe Diem for stu¬pid people.” Sadly, I must agree.
Rather than a motto to remind us of how precious each and every day is, the acronym seems to have become the college partier’s excuse to party even harder. If you ask me, this is exactly what is wrong with our generation.
If you truly believe that you only get one chance at life and every mo¬ment is precious, and if you really want to live your life by this motto, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to actually do something meaningful?
I don’t think college students need another excuse to get wasted and high. What’s the point in enjoy¬ing life, if you’re constantly too intoxicated to remember anything you do?
Maybe it’s time to take a new ap¬proach.
Help someone in need. Join the peace corp. Volunteer at a home¬less shelter. Travel to a place you’ve never been to before. Challenge yourself. Learn a new skill. Make a difference in the world.
After all, you only live once.

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