Get your questions answered

By Jessica Hartling
Campus Life Assistant Editor
On Monday, Feb. 11 balloons, were in the Murphy Center Lobby and on the third floor in room 337. These balloons were advertising the opening of the new Student Help Office (SHO), where students can get their questions answered or be directed to people who can help.
“This is one location for students to go for any question,” Jodi Reider, academic adviser for the Center for Adult Learning, told Lumen. “We are open until 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Most of the of-fices on campus close before then, so we wanted to make us accessible to those students who have a hard time getting their questions an¬swered.”
Reider is one of approximately 15 faculty members who are involved in SHO.
“Tina Johns asked the deans and other faculty members for different offices to get a wide variety of staff members involved,” Reider said. “This way, if one of us do not know the answer, we can direct them to another faculty member who is working in the SHO to help.”
Tina Johns is the director of Student Academic Success; her office is located next door to SHO in room 335.
“The purpose of SHO is not to replace your academic advisers, but sometimes they are difficult to reach or students have questions about things outside of their major; this is where we come in,” Reider said. “One of the student popula¬tions we hope to reach out to is the non-traditional students. It can be difficult to get answers if getting on campus is not easily accessible.”
“We have answers to questions about majors, activities, clubs, athletics, financial aid and a variety of other questions,” Reider said. “We really want to make sure that it is known that this is open for all students.”
“I am not sure if I would ever go to SHO,” Alexandra Watral, junior biopsychology major from Phillips, Wis., told Lumen. “I think this may be more advantageous for incom¬ing freshman than for students who have been here for a couple years already.”
“I do live off campus, so it can be difficult to see the business office or the registrar’s office, but I do not feel that the SHO would be able to help me figure out how to pay my student loans,” Watral said.
“We are open for all students, and this is what our goal is, to be available to all students. We hope to have candy in our office at all times to invite students in for questions,” Reider said.

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