Study abroad to change and enrich your life while in college

By Jessica Schurmann

Assistant Editor

Unless you are deathly allergic to foreign food or have a heart attack when you see something strange, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t study abroad.

In today’s job world, globalizing oneself has become not only a fun experience, but a necessary one. Job markets are becoming more and more competitive, and global experience is one way to do some major budging in the long line of candidates.

Many people believe that study­ing abroad is expensive. WRONG. Most often, studying abroad is the same price as studying at Viterbo, if not cheaper. Even the most expen­sive places, such as countries in Europe, are about the same price as a semester here in La Crosse.

Not to mention, all of the FAFSA grants, loans, and outside scholar­ships apply toward your trip. And there are limitless scholarships geared toward students who are studying abroad, including the Sis­ter Bernyne Scholarship at Viterbo. Work hard, save a little on the side, and you can go. Granted, you will have extra costs such as a plane ticket and spending money. As long as you budget, a little money can go a long way and gain you many unforgettable experiences in any area of the world.

With studying abroad, the options are ENDLESS. Want to improve your Spanish? Go to Costa Rica for a semester and spend your week­ends exploring the rainforests and soaking in the hot springs. Need to practice your business skills? Try studying in Germany or taking an internship in China. You can even do your general classes abroad, or take an interest such as wildlife or art and see it for yourself. Any­where you want to go, anything you want to do, it’s all open to you.

The Global Ed office is in Mur­phy Center 371, right across the hall from Career Services. Pop in and chat with Caitlin Browdie, coordinator of Global Education, or Shaojie Jiang, director of Global Ed. There is a room full of catalogues and information about the limitless options you have.

Taking classes in foreign countries gives you a wider perspective on all topics. The world is a very unique place, and in order to understand its various beliefs, traditions, opin­ions, and values, we must experi­ence them firsthand.

Studying abroad is such a fulfill­ing, life-changing, incomparable experience, it’s a wonder more people at this university don’t do it. Study abroad NOW, while you are in college. Never again will you be able to live in another country for such a long period of time, while barely paying a thing outside of your normal tuition. Not studying abroad is like turning down a free trip around the world.

It’s YOURS. Take your adventure. Boost your resume. Get out and see the world beyond our campus.

For more information, contact Cait­lin Browdie at, or stop in the Global Ed office, MRC 371 (open Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm).

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