NSLS members gain leadership skills

By Joycelyn Fish

Campus Life Editor

Viterbo’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Service (NSLS) is in the middle of its sec­ond year on campus with 162 mem­bers working towards induction.

“It is a leadership training oppor­tunity for student,” Kari Reyburn, the advisor for NSLS, said. “It’s a way for them to build on their cur­rent leadership skills, develop new ones, and focus on success.”

NSLS offers students the opportu­nity to take steps towards induction through various events.

On Monday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. the organization will be sponsoring a streamed presentation by Brad Meltzer entitled “How to Write Your Own Obituary.” In addition, Peter Bergman’s presentation on Tuesday, March 19 at 6 p.m. is titled “18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Mas­ter Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done.” Finally, individuals who have taken steps to become members will participate in the induction ceremony on Sunday, April 14.

Reyburn, along with Dodie Mar­riot, coordinates the activities and schedule for events and presenta­tions on campus. In addition, four student officers, Beau Ruehlow, Heidi Lomprey, Tony Becker, and Ashley Skoczynski work with cur­rent members and with the larger national organization.

“Originally I joined as a great way to build my résumé having been out of the workforce for some time raising kids,” said Lomprey, a social work nontraditional student from La Crosse, Wis. “I stayed with NSLS because I found a great way to net­work with other like mind people on campus and to gain professional leadership skills to enhance my natural leadership skills.”

To become a member, students have to attend three speaker presentations, participate in club leadership training, and go to three success networking team meet­ings. In addition, members can work towards earning the National Engaged Leader Award by going above and beyond expected service.

Lomprey also sees great benefits for herself and the other nontraditional students involved in the organiza­tion.

“As a nontrad I think the con­nections that I have acquired have really been the best part for me,” Lomprey explained.

“I think it’s great that 40 year-olds and 19 year-olds can find value in experience,” Reyburn added.

With goals of making NSLS an organization like VU After Dark, where anyone is invited to attend, Reyburn believes the group will truly give back to campus.

“It benefits Viterbo greatly be­cause we are developing leaders who are prepared to act on their ideas,” Reyburn said. “We want to motivate and inspire them to do more.”

“I think it has given me great teamwork skills which will be very beneficial as a social worker,” Lomprey added. “I also think it has helped me as I said before to help me to develop professional lead­ership skills on top of the skills I already had.”

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