Internships are valuable

By Janelle Mathews


The Academic Resource Center (ARC) and Career Services will be putting on a student internship panel on Feb. 14 from 1-2 p.m. in Nursing Center room 207. The panel features eight students, and five of them are part of the Student Support Services program (SSS) at Viterbo.

The goal of SSS is to “encourage retention and graduation of stu­dents,” said Andy Moore, reading and writing specialist at Viterbo. SSS students are first generation students who meet certain income requirements, and Viterbo currently has about 300 of them.

The SSS internship panel was started last year, but this year the ARC and career services staff decid­ed “to open it up to the entire uni­versity to determine if there would be greater interest beyond the SSS program,” Moore explained.

Like SSS students, Moore was a first generation college student, and because of this, he didn’t know how to go into the work world after college; however, he did an internship in graduate school which showed him that “internships can be as valuable as any of one’s col­lege classes,” Moore said. “I want to pass along the ultimate value of internship experience to our SSS students.”

Moore hopes that audience mem­bers get “inspiration and motiva­tion to pursue an internship after listening to the experience of their peers and to make a connection with a panelist, which may prove valuable in the internship search.”

Go to the panel to learn more about internships or contact Denise Lorenz at to discuss internship opportunities through Viterbo.

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