Pro-life, student-run V-Hawks For Life established on campus

By Valerie Groebner

Arts & Entertainment Assistant Editor

With the New Year in swing comes a new club on the Viterbo campus. The V-Hawks For Life is a pro-life, student-run club that aspires to raise awareness about the topic, and announce “the message of compassion and love,” says club president Hunter Beggs, a freshman accounting major from Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

The club also aims to “do it for women’s rights so that they know their options,” says vice-president Emily Buchman, should pregnant women be caught in a web of uncertainty. “It’s about protecting the dignity of all life,” added Buchman, a junior nursing major from Rice Lake, Wis.

Some of the goals of the V-Hawks For Life are to “start counseling for those who have been affected by abortion somehow, and for women who are struggling with a decision of their pregnancy. We want them to know that they do have a choice. Praying together is another thing, and also bringing in speakers to improve knowledge of this topic.” Buchman explains. “It’s also really important to figure out something to do in nursing homes,” she adds.

“There’s been no criticism,” Buchman answered, in reference as to whether or not the club has received any mockery. “People are either in favor of it or not at all, and those who aren’t are reserved and respectful about it. Should confrontation arise, we are confident that people will continue to remain respectful and understanding.”                When the two proposed this idea to Kari Reyburn (Campus Activities and Orientation Coordinator), she was equally as understanding and open-minded to what Beggs and Buchman said.

“V-Hawks For Life has about 10 members, but an initial meeting has not yet been held. We’re currently in the publicizing stage,” Beggs and Buchman agree. “We are also getting ready for the 40 Days For Life Prayer Vigil.” Buchman explains.                     40 Days For Life is a relay that involves 40 days of prayer, fasting, community outreach, and peaceful vigil; it will start February 13th, and last through March 24th.

Another event which V-Hawks For Life hopes to partake in is the March For Life in Washington D.C. “Our first meeting is tentatively set for the first Tuesday in February at 7:00 p.m.; a meeting location hasn’t yet been reserved,” Beggs informed Lumen.

In high school, Beggs was involved in a pro-life group, and “was surprised that Viterbo didn’t have a pro-life club.” Beggs and Buchman encountered each other in the San Damiano Chapel and conversation struck easily and immediately. Beggs and Buchman quickly found out that they agreed upon this topic, and decided a club was a great idea.

The two talked to Campus Ministry about this idea, and “many were in favor of it,” noted Beggs. “Emily and I started talking before winter break about starting the club, but the club started last week”; that is, the first week of second semester.

Buchman turned the tables and stated that “0.03 percent of abortions are decided because the woman was a victim of rape, or because she could have harmful health consequences post-birthing; the other 98 percent is based on personal decision.”

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