Participate in Viterbo’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

By Jordan Weiker

Campus Life Assistant Editor

Whether one wants to believe it or not, summer is approaching, and this may leave students wondering what to do with their spare time. Kirsten Gabriel, academic programs coordinator at Viterbo, recommends students try the Viterbo Summer Research Fellowship Program. Research applications are due by Friday, Feb. 22.

“If students are unfamiliar with summer research, it’s an opportunity to research a topic of student interest with a professor, either full-time or part-time, while getting paid for the experience,” Gabriel said.

Students can choose to work 40 hours a week for $2,500 or 20 hours a week for $1,250. “If a student has a job on campus during summer hours, the total number of work hours cannot exceed 40 hours,” said Gabriel. “In addition, students applying for full-time research will be given preference.”

Students wanting to apply need to include three attachments with their application. First, students need a research proposal with the full title of the project, a brief description of the project and a brief statement of the expected learning and research outcomes. Second, Viterbo’s fellowship contract should be included. Third, the student’s proposal must be endorsed by a faculty member.

Summer research projects are to be completed between May 20 and July 12. Students are also expected to attend six of the eight summer research seminars. The seminars are held every Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m. “The seminars are a great resource for students,” said Gabriel. “They allow students to exchange ideas about each other’s projects, which can help if students are finding challenges in their research.”

Students are then expected to present the results of their research at the Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium, which will be held on Friday, Nov. 8., 2013.

“Presenting at Seven Rivers can prepare students for even larger research symposiums, such as the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR),” Gabriel told Lumen. “At this year’s NCUR which is to be held at UW-La Crosse, there were 3,500 research submissions. Twenty-seven Viterbo students were accepted, and 19 of those students did summer research.”

“The Viterbo Summer Research Fellowship Program is an excellent way to strengthen your résumé, enhance your writing and presentation skills, and be a part of a vibrant community of scholars,” Gabriel concluded.

Interested students should speak with a faculty member immediately. Further information, including applications and information on how to write a research proposal can be found at by clicking on “Summer Research” and “Resources for Students.”

For questions about summer research, contact Kirstin Gabriel at

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