Get published in Touchstone before it’s too late

By Janelle Mathews


The deadline for submissions to Touchstone, Viterbo’s art and literary magazine, is Monday,

Feb. 4.  Joycelyn Fish, senior organizational communications major from Reedsburg, Wis. and co-literary editor of the magazine said “Touchstone is run by students for students.”

Touchstone accepts video, art, poetry, prose, costumes, music and other creative works from all majors.  To submit a work for consideration in the magazine, email poetry, prose, photographs of large format pieces, videos or musical recordings  to or submit small format art pieces by dropping them off at the designated table in Reinhart Center room 003.  Students are welcome to submit more than one piece to Touchstone.

“It’s always exciting to see the creative spirit that students at Viterbo have,” Fish explained.  “They are truly talented and inspiring to everyone.”

Additionally, Touchstone will have a different look to its magazine this year.

Chelsey McCoy, a senior visual communications major  and co-art editor and web designer of Touchstone from Brookfield, Wis., along with Amy Wedlund, a recent Viterbo graduate from the visual communications department and former member of Touchstone staff, helped design a new, sustainable layout which used less resources and more environmentally-friendly ones.

This project started last year when McCoy and Wedlund both did summer research with Venancio Luz who had them research different print companies to find out which was the most sustainable.  McCoy and Wedlund then used their summer research results and applied them to a class they were taking with Luz.

McCoy explained that Luz “hinted at applying our research to make Touchstone more sustainable.”

Touchstone presented the sustainable design to the Publications Board last December, and the new layout was unanimously approved.

Some of the changes include using 100 percent post-consumer waste, and stapling the book together instead of using glue which “makes the book a lot less bulky and allows the art and literary editors to be more integrative since the art and literary pieces will be in the same section; the magazine won’t be divided into two separate sections like previous years,” McCoy stated.

These changes to Touchstone cut down on the amount of paper used, and staff members can do it “within the budget we are allowed” McCoy said.

“I am excited for the way the new design will enhance the art and literary pieces,” Fish added.

For any questions regarding Touchstone, email

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