New clubs emerge as a result of growing interest

By Joycelyn Fish

Campus Life Editor

Students across campus have been showing interest in new activities and organizations, resulting in the creation of three new clubs at Viterbo. The Historian’s Club, Student Veterans of America and Women’s Studies Organization all offer Viterbo students the chance to explore new ideas and get involved in something they are passionate about.

Historian’s Club

Since Viterbo’s history major was established in 2010, students in the department have had few opportunities to share their area of knowledge.

Under the supervision of advisor Andrew Hamilton, history professor, the Historian’s Club held its first meeting Tuesday, Nov. 7 and is ready to become an organization that promotes exploring the past

“[The Historian’s Club] promotes the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among the public,” Tadd Heichel, a history major and Historian’s Club president from La Crescent, Minn, said.

The club is open to all students, no matter their major. Therefore, the organization plans on getting involved across campus through fundraisers and even plans to bring in speakers during the spring semester. The club also hopes to become part of Phi Alpha Theta, the National Honor Society of Historians, as more students join.

“Membership is open to all students. You do not need to be a history major or affiliated with the history department.  All you need is to enjoy history,” Heichel added.

Any students who have questions or are interested in joining the Historian’s Club can email Heichel at or Dat Dang at

“I think our group offers a real opportunity to get involved with a group of students that enjoy discussion, learning and fellowship that is academic and intellectual but fun as well,” Heichel said.

Student Veterans of America

As a student and veteran, Scott Nieman, a junior criminal justice major from La Crescent, Minn., experienced difficulty transitioning from military to civilian life, especially when entering college.

With the help of A.J. Myer, an assistant professor of sociology, social work and criminal justice, Nieman wanted to establish an organization on campus that could assist and bring together other students in this situation.

The Student Veterans of America (SVA) organization at Viterbo is just one of over 500 chapters across the nation.

“We want to provide military veterans with the resources, support and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation,” Nieman said.

The SVA has already established a monthly lunch meeting for veterans as a forum to socialize and voice their concerns or frustrations about issues specific to these individuals.

“The organization is open to all students or faculty who have been involved in the armed forces in some way,” Nieman stated. “The bulk of our membership is students who were on active duty for years; however we have National Guard, reserve students and students who joined a branch of service this summer. We also have spouses and children of military families who have joined.”

On Monday, Nov. 12, the organization recognized Veterans Day by holding a flag raising ceremony and reading a roll call of all veterans related to Viterbo. SVA hopes to continue finding more ways of recognizing these dedicated members of the armed forces and what they do for the Viterbo community.

“By being a part of the SVA, veterans will join a part of the camaraderie that they previously had while in the military. They will be able to network with other students who have gone through much similar circumstances and are willing to help them succeed, not just in class but as a civilian,” Nieman said.

Nieman can be contacted at for further information regarding this organization.

Women’s Studies Organization

Pulling from history, literature, religious studies, the arts, the health sciences and the social sciences, the Women’s Studies Organization allows students to gain insight on women.

“Women’s Studies promotes the awareness of women’s issues and organizations within the community to be involved with,” Jessica Faith, a psychology major with a minor in women’s studies from Viroqua, Wis., explained.

By exploring various aspects of women’s lives and the struggles they face, Faith and club advisor, Apryl Denny, an English professor, hope to help students understand this complicated subject. They also find it important to volunteer throughout La Crosse with organizations that assist women.

“We plan on getting involved with New Horizons and some sort of community event every semester,” Faith stated.

The club’s first meeting will be held Thursday, Nov. 29 at 2 p.m. in the Krajewski lounge, located in the Murphy Center on the fourth floor. The organization is welcoming new members and invites students to find out more about their mission.

“It is open to all students, men and women. People can get involved by joining the Viterbo University Women’s Studies club page on Facebook, or by e-mailing me at,” Faith said

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