Why students should vote for Mitt Romney

By Timothy Metzler

Online News Editor

With Election Day quickly approaching on Nov. 6, I think it’s necessary to recap why I still believe Viterbo students should vote for Mitt Romney.  Let me begin by commenting on President Obama.

While I can’t remember a single poll over the last four years that showed a majority of American citizens liking the president and his administration, he has done some things right.  The problem isn’t that he can’t get work done, it’s that he’s forced his agenda on the House of Representatives, the Senate and the American people.  Yes, he increased funding for Pell Grants.  Yes, he ended the war in Iraq.  But he also ended a lot of jobs and increased the cost of living in America.

I think Mitt Romney has done everything he possibly could to get elected over the incumbent.  He was direct in what his plan is for this country and stood toe to toe with the president in three debates.  Anyone with their head on straight will tell you that the president won at least two of the debates.  But the debates don’t tell us what kind of a president either candidate will be.  All the debates really do is give the American people the smallest amount of information needed to re-affirm their point of view.  So, what did we actually learn from the debates?

The debates told us both candidates believe the most important issue in this country is the economy.  The big surprise for most people was that Mitt Romney didn’t share any of the specifics of his economic plan during any of the three debates.  Is this a problem for Republicans?  Undoubtedly it is, but I’ve only realized that I don’t know Romney’s plan for the last month.  I’ve spent the last four years under the reign of President Obama, and I still don’t have a clue what his economic plan actually is.  You decide which is worse.

As far as who can handle the economy better, I would way on the side of Mitt Romney.  He’s a businessman. Romney and Ryan understand how the economy works and how the country creates jobs.  Over the last four years, we saw President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden swimming to try to stimulate the economy.  They failed because they aren’t businessmen and they don’t understand what it takes to create jobs and balance budgets.

With that said, the only thing left to do is to come to terms with our own political positions.

Republicans, acknowledge that President Obama is not a fool.  He’s not intentionally driving this country into the ground.  If he’s re-elected, it should be your first priority to whatever you can to make sure the President’s economic plan gets put into action.

Democrats, acknowledge that putting your trust in President Obama means you are buying a ticket that may not get punched.  If President Obama’s next four years are anything like his first four, you may want to reconsider how you choose to vote.

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