Viterbo’s newly-formed Hockey Club connects people

By Melissa Freund

Sports Assistant Editor

It is official. Viterbo University now has an ice hockey club. Receiving approval from the university in early November, and advised by religious studies professor Michael Lopez-Kaley, the hockey club is off to a running start.

The first official meeting was held at 6 p.m. on Nov. 8, in the student lounge of the Dahl School of Business. Future meetings are planned to be held Thursday nights at the same time and place, with the next meeting being Thursday, Nov. 15.

For students interested in joining the club, the executive board is also looking for two people to fill the positions of secretary and treasurer. Both of these positions will be voted on at the meeting on Nov. 15.

Lauren Ann Rehrauer, a criminal justice and organizational communications major from Las Vegas, Nev. and the hockey club’s recruiter, stresses the fact that the club is open to hockey enthusiasts of all levels and abilities.

Rehrauer states that the hockey club’s goal is to connect people “who are interested in learning to play hockey, already play hockey or just want to complain about the NHL lockout.”

The first big task that the executive board is working on is a fall fundraiser. In hopes of earning money to put towards club equipment, the members are currently selling long-sleeve T-shirts for $18.

The shirt design is pictured at right. However, the sale will soon be over, as club officers would like the money by Thursday, Nov. 15.

Rehrauer states that this semester’s club events will mainly focus on general information and safety. After increasing the club funds through the shirt sale, the officers are hoping to be on the ice about once a week during spring.

The hockey club is not an intramural sport, so it is not a guarantee that a game will be played every week. This will depend upon how many students attend each practice.

However, the club hopes that as participation increases, they will gain a reputation similar to Viterbo’s rugby club and combine their events with WTC students.

There are currently no club fees. However, members will need to pay the $5 fee for ice time if they choose to attend a practice.

The club currently does not have hockey equipment, so any participants must supply their own. Helmets are required for all participants and any play at practice will be non-contact.

Rehrauer encourages anyone who is “passionate about hockey to please join. Bonds over sports are special; bonds over hockey are extra special.”

For anyone wanting more information about the hockey club, its events or the club t-shirts, they can visit the Viterbo University Hockey Club Facebook page, or email Lauren Ann Rehrauer at

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