Plenty of opportunities for new Viterbo Filmmakers Guild

By Molly Grosskreutz

A&E Editor

A short romantic comedy. A graffiti documentary. A promotion for “Ghoulees in the Coulees.” These are just a few of the projects one of the newest clubs at Viterbo, The Filmmakers Guild, is tackling.

Led by junior Spanish major Cameron Segura, the club hails a solid eight members and continues to expand.

Lumen sat down with Segura and, publicist, Lexie Scott to discuss the origins of the club and where they are headed.

Segura worked on film sets and networked with film business professionals for several months in Los Angeles following his freshman year of college. When he decided to come back to Viterbo, he wanted to share his passion for film and everything he learned with others.

Lexie Scott, a sophomore theatre and arts administration double major from Stevens Point, Wis., is excited about the chance to learn about film. “I love film. I love every aspect of film, of theatre, of performing arts in general and learning as much as I can about all those things,” Scott said.

“And that’s really the whole point of this club…to teach people what they want to know,” Segura added.

Just over half a semester in, the club has been busy working on and lining up projects. They have their sights set high. They’ve already filmed a short romantic comedy and are currently planning a documentary about a local graffiti artist.                              Future projects include a documentary on Camp Decorah, a Boy Scout camp and interviews with Viterbo art students.

Segura says they want their club to be as expansive as possible. “One of our biggest goals right now is to integrate ourselves into as much of the campus as we can,” he explained. Eventually, he’d like to see the club shoot video of Viterbo sports teams.

Interested students can join at any time, and no prior experience is required. You can contact Cameron through the group’s Facebook page or at

“We’ll find a place for you,” Segura said.

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