Obama pulls through election

By Jessica Schurmann

Lumen Assistant Editor

The news almost seemed too good to be true last Tuesday evening.

This was my first time voting, and I was passionate as ever to have my say in the election.   The fact of the matter is: we did it! We got out there and we voted. Democrats, Republicans, Third Parties; we all put our voice into these results. And the country has spoken: Obama is staying.

Whether you are happy with the turn out or not, we need to work together from here on out to make progress. The childish games of ‘we won’t agree with anything because our policies are the only things we will accept’ is not going to get us anywhere.

The key is cooperation. Obama has done that from the start of his first term, as he will continue these next four years. He does not immediately throw away the Far Right’s suggestions: he compromises and comes up with the best options for everyone.

Neither side is completely perfect. Both sides have good ideas that can work together in some situations. In others, hard decisions and sacrifices must be made. I trust Obama to continue making these decisions, because I know he is doing it for America as a whole.

Obama won the popular vote. We want him to stay, and we know he will do well by us. Take a look at the facts, and educate yourself on his policies. He is moving our country in a positive direction, but he needs our cooperation.

Whether you agree with the President’s personal opinions on controversial subjects such as abortion and gay rights, the fact of the matter is that everyone has a right to an opinion. We cannot force our views on those we disagree with: what gives one person the authority to disprove all others? We must keep an open mind, and we must accept one another for the main component of human nature: diversity and individuality.

The worst of the discrimination I’ve seen on Facebook. “You can’t be pro life and pro Obama!” So…you can’t support the President because of one (let’s face it: insignificant in terms of what the President can do) personal opinion? What about all the good he’s done? What about his other positive views? How about the fact that he doesn’t write off 47 percent of the country?

Give the man some credit. He has done an excellent job as President, and he will continue to do so in the next four years.

I took a stand, I voted, and I made a difference. Wisconsin has spoken. America has spoken. Welcome back, Mr. President.

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