Don’t disrespect: Re-elect

By Jessica Schurmann

Assistant Editor

No matter how the elections turn out this year, I know that I have my heart and support set on one man. And that man is not Mitt Romney.

Negative ad campaigns aside, if you get down to the nitty-gritty you will find that President Obama was, and is, the right man for office.

Countries do not climb out of debt in one year, let alone three. But we are on our way. Obama has been targeting the manufacturing jobs of the country to generate innovation and create jobs – five million so far. This will build up the economy and pull us out of debt.

Obama’s tax-cut plan will reduce the country’s deficit by $4 trillion in the next 10 years. He has been in office for four years, so he knows what works and what doesn’t, what will pass through congress and what will not. Romney may have a “mysterious miracle plan” that still remains for the most part a secret that he believes will work wonders on our debt, but let’s be real. No president – Democratic or Republican or third-party can do magic. Obama’s plan is already working and with time and support will continue to succeed.

You cannot ignore the facts about Obama’s achievements in the wars overseas. Obama led the charge to end the war in Iraq, and he is well on his way to ending the war in Afghanistan, by 2014. The wars are large contributors to the nation’s debt, as the previous president seemed to think we could just “charge” trillions of dollars to an invisible credit card.

Pointing fingers aside, we need to take responsibility for what our fellow Americans have done, fix it, and refrain from doing it again.

Take the environment, for example. Some people may not deem it the most important problem in our country, but let’s face it: Scientists have predicted that we will be the cause of our planet’s destruction in the next 50 years. By finding cleaner alternatives for oil (and not stealing it from other areas of the world), we will not only clean up the environment, but also create over 600,000 jobs in the process. Investing in the environment is not only ethical, it is practical. In the long run, the country and the world will be better off.

Obama’s investment in education is going to lower costs and increase Pell Grants so that more Americans can afford to go to school. By increasing our educated population, we will also build our job market and economy.

Lastly, Obamacare is making waves in healthcare, and in a good way. With Obama’s policy, insurance companies will no longer be in control of who gets medical treatment. No one should have the authority to say that one person cannot get help because of pre-existing conditions. The right to live and be healthy is given to every individual, and Obama is making that more possible.

Now that we have covered the issues that are driving the Obama-Romney battle, let’s take a step back and look at the candidates as human beings. Who would you want making decisions that will affect your life and your future? Someone who blatently lies but “puts on a good show,” or someone who is passionately fighting for what is right, while remaining genuine and real.

I’m not going to vote to elect a hot-headed, smug politician who is under the assumption that it is “his way or the highway.” I am going to elect the man who will make the best decisions he can for every American, and who is working toward fixing our nation’s problems correctly the first time, rather than proposing “quick fixes” that may work now, but will slap us in the face after a few years.

Obama, you have my vote. And to all those who disagree with me, at least I have cancelled one of yours.

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