Alternate side parking

By Janelle Mathews

Lumen Editor in Chief

As we all know, Nov. 1 marks the beginning of one “season.”  One which I hate: alternate side parking. I cannot help but loathe it every time I go out to my car and see a bright parking ticket on my windshield signaling that I forgot to move my car to the proper side of the road the previous evening, but there is a possible solution for the Viterbo area.

Alternate side parking has been a thorn in my side for several reasons since I brought my car to campus spring of the 2011-2012 school year.

First, I don’t use my car every day, so I’m less apt to remember to move it from one side of the street to the other which usually results in a parking ticket.

Secondly, there has not been any substantial snow on Nov. 1 for this year.  Why should I move my car if there is no snow on the ground yet?  Yes, the city does do leaf collecting, but it is not so frequent that I should have to move my car every day.

Finally, more students are parking their vehicles on the street since a parking lot was turned into Clare Apartments, which causes there to be more traffic and vehicles moving which could potentially result in more accidents happening.

According to the City of La Crosse website, “in September 2009, an addition to the ordinance [9.06 (E)] was passed, creating a limited Test Area for Alternate Side Parking.”  The test area consists of “16th Street up to but not including State Street to West Avenue up to but not including La Crosse Street,” on the City of La Crosse website.  In this test area, people may park their vehicles on both sides of the street when it is not a snow removal or leaf removal period.

Would it be possible to make the area around Viterbo campus a test area as well?  It would lessen the lack of parking on campus a little, and students who don’t use their cars or who are forgetful would not have to worry about moving their car every day to avoid a parking ticket which can be relatively expensive.

The first and second parking tickets within a six-month period have an initial fine of $10 each, and the third, fourth and fifth parking tickets within a six-month period have an initial fine of $20 each.  Any more parking tickets after this doubles the fine for each violation to $40.  Each parking ticket needs to be paid within 10 days of receiving it or the fine increases.

To avoid a ticket, don’t forget to move vehicles before midnight, every single day from now until
April 1.

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