SGA student discount cards now available

By Joycelyn Fish

Campus Life Editor

Perpetually small bank balances, cheap food and ears that perk at the word “Free” are all characteristics of college students. With College Discount Cards, Viterbo’s Student Government Association (SGA) has taken a step to help Viterbo students save money while enjoying La Crosse.

College Discount Card has been working with colleges since 1998, putting together cards throughout the country and now reaches over 500,000 students. Viterbo has joined 46 other colleges, becoming the only one in the Midwest with this program.

The cards, which are filled with special discounts from 24 local businesses, including restaurants, recreation activities, and services, are available to all students.

SGA has been handing discount cards out to students since the beginning of October. The cards are valid until Sept. 15, 2013, and can be used multiple times at each participating business.

To get a card, students can stop by SGA’s outreach hours, which will be rotating through all of the academic buildings on campus, or the SGA office in the Student Union, fill out a survey, and are handed a card.

Getting a card is “quite simple, and it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything.” Matt Krueger, SGA president and a senior business management major from Green Bay, Wis., said.

When Kruger was contacted by College Discount Cards, he was excited about the possibility of putting together something that would benefit students, local businesses and the SGA.

“We thought this was a great way to get SGA’s name out there and also give back to the students,” Krueger said.

“All I had to over the summer was get a list of possible businesses to the head of the company at College Discount Cards, and he actually called all the businesses and got the deals to get the card,” Krueger explained.

Krueger also plans on sending out periodic emails to students who have gotten a card to remind them to use it and fill out surveys about suggestions for improvements. Students can also register their card at to get even more discounts sent to their email.

Although SGA has been working to save students money every year, from free La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility to discounted tickets at the Fine Arts Center, the organization offers students much more. SGA also updated the Student Union and Reinhart Commons and distribute the student activity fee to clubs and organizations on campus. They have taken steps to help the La Crosse community with their involvement in River Watch and the Washburn Neighborhood Association.

However, Krueger stressed that their most important function is listening to the students.

“Any voice that they have, we talk about it and we pass it on to the person who can do something about it,” Krueger stated.

Students with any questions or concerns about campus or the student discount card can email SGA at or submit a form on the MyVU page.

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