Rare opportunity: Nationally-acclaimed hip-hop violinist comes to campus

By Jessica Hartling

Campus Life Assistant Editor

On Monday, Oct. 8, the Viterbo    On Friday, Oct. 26, Josh Vietti is coming to Viterbo. This performance and dance will start at 9:00 p.m. and be held in the school cafeteria and is open to all students. Josh Vietti is a hip hop/pop violinist from southern California. He is well known throughout the country as shown by his guest appearance of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as opening for Ne-Yo, Earth Wind & Fire, and Travis Porter.

“I had the privilege of seeing Josh Vietti perform at the NACA conference this past spring, and let’s just say I was completely captivated by his performance!” stated Sara Meyer, a senior social work major from La Crosse, Wis. Meyer is one of the two current VU After Dark (VUAD) Programming Assistants.

“Josh Vietti is internationally known…and is one of the biggest names we’ve brought to Viterbo, and this is a very rare opportunity for students” added Jessica Schurmann, a senior art major from Mauston, Wis. and the other VUAD Programming Assistant.

Kari Reyburn, Viterbo’s Campus Activities and Orientation Director, commented that “the school has a very musical nature, and having Josh come to campus seemed like it would a popular choice.”

When asked about the VUAD events that have been on campus since its start in 2007, Reyburn said that there have been a wide variety of events the program has hosted. When Diane Brimmer, the Vice President of Student Development, came to Viterbo she realized there was a need for activities to do on campus.

“VU After Dark is unique in that it is every Friday and Saturday night” added Reyburn. In comparison to most of campuses, many campuses offer weekend programs only once or twice a month. Meyer and Schurmann put a lot of time and effort into these programs, and it is the hope that the students will recognize that.

“My favorite event to host so far was the Pintrest Craft Night” said Schurmann, while Meyer enjoyed the “Night on the Town” program which was held last spring where 20 students went to 4-sisters for hor dourves and mocktails.

“Over the past five and six years VUAD has built a reputation on campus, it is now the thing to do on campus” stated Reyburn. Jodie Haney, a previous VUAD programming assistant, who is a senior biology major from Boscobel, Wis, said she recommends students attending VUAD events because “they are fun and free activities that get you out of your room and give you something to do on the weekends.” In true VUAD style, every event has free food and free stuff to encourage students to attend.

VUAD is looking for a new Program Assistant for Spring 2013 and Fall 2013. Applications will be available online or through Reyburn. Haney remarked “go to VUAD events! Become a Program Assistant! Both are lots of fun!” The program is always evolving, and each new Program Assistant brings something new to the program. VUAD has the goal of exposing students to new things as well as creating activities that are must-dos on campus.

Vietti is one such activity according to all of those involved in getting him on campus. Having Vietti come to Viterbo “is a very rare opportunity for students. He plays violin to popular hip hop songs…just check him out on youtube! Added Schurmann. Meyer stated that she feels “like Josh Vietti is something special that this town hasn’t experienced before! I would love to see students get just as captivated by his music as I was.”

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