Seven Rivers preview

By Jordan Weiker

Campus Life Assistant Editor

Friday, Oct. 26, is the deadline for registration for the Seven Rivers Symposium.

Viterbo University will hold its 10th annual Seven Rivers Under­graduate Research Symposium on Friday, Nov. 9. Open to all students and faculty wishing to attend, Sev­en Rivers is an opportunity to see a diverse range of undergraduate research and creative work from a wide variety of subjects and majors.

Also on the line-up this year is keynote speaker Elizabeth Mar­quardt, editor and blogger of Marquardt is the vice-president for family stud­ies and the director of the Center for Marriage and Families at the In­stitute for American Values in New York. She is also the author to the 2005 book “Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Di­vorce.”

The events at Seven Rivers this year include a free provided lunch, along with oral, poster and creative work presentations from tri-state area students.

Some changes have taken effect this year; however, which Kirsten Gabriel, academic programs coordi­nator at Viterbo, reported to Lumen: “The online forms for registration and abstract submissions, which in previous years were two separate forms, have now been combined into one single online form.

Students and faculty members who are attending, even if not pre­senting, must complete this same online form. Research submission and attendance are both free, so the online form is the only requirement.

The symposium will begin at 11 a.m.—with check-in starting at 10 a.m.—and run until 5 p.m. with most events and presentations be­ing held in the Fine Arts Center, the Reinhart Center and the Nursing Center.

Seven Rivers tends to be a higher level of scholarship than Scholars Day in the spring, so Gabriel en­courages students to attend.

“You can possibly get some ideas for future research,” Gabriel said.

Furthermore, she added, “If you think you may have something which qualifies as research and you’d like to register, talk with a fac­ulty member to see if you can come up with a way of presenting your ideas.”

The three points Gabriel wants students to remember for this year’s symposium are the deadline of Friday, Oct. 26, discussing your research with a faculty member be­fore completing your online form, and the previous registration and abstract submission forms being merged.

For any student or faculty member with questions, or wanting to regis­ter, visit Viterbo’s Seven Rivers web­site at­dergradresearch.aspx?id=128. For further questions, email sevenriv­

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