Peace restored to the NFL

By Janelle Mathews
Lumen Editor in Chief

After three weeks of controversial calls, the real NFL referees are back, much to the pleasure of NFL fans and players all across the nation.

The lockout started during the first week of regular season play when the NFL referees asked for improved salaries, retirement ben­efits, and other logistical issues to be solved, according to The Associated Press.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell and owners then decided to hire replacement referees who were brought up from the high school and college levels. These referees created chaos and resentment in many different games.

In the Detroit vs. Tennessee game, replacement referees gave the wrong penalty yardage for a per­sonal foul, costing Detroit the game. The referee called a 27-yard penalty on Detroit for a personal foul when that penalty is only 15 yards.

Two challenges were given to the San Francisco 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh, after he had only sig­naled for a timeout. Both of these challenges should not have been allowed after he had asked for the timeouts.

Perhaps the most controversial and questionable call was made against the Green Bay Packers in the last seconds of their matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Former Wis­consin Badgers quarterback, Rus­sell Wilson, threw a Hail Mary to Golden Tate for a touchdown and a 13-12 lead over the Packers. How­ever, what is not clear is if Tate actu­ally caught the ball and if he inter­fered with the pass.

Replays of the incident clearly show Tate pushing off of Green Bay defensive back M.D. Jennings, and Jennings has possession of the ball at the end of the play. Furthermore while one replacement referee sig­naled for the clock to stop, another one signaled touchdown. After re­view, the call of touchdown was up­held. The Seahawks would go on to make the field goal and win the game 14-12.

The Packers loss was what really spurred on the negotiations further than before with the public taking to multi-media platforms to vent their anger. In fact, President Obama took to Twitter tweeting, “NFL fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs’ lockout is settled soon.”

It was settled two days later; how­ever, the effect of those games could have a lasting impact on this NFL season. The records for the teams which had controversial calls by the replacement referees could haunt these teams at the end of the season. I know that the dedicated and pas­sionate Packers fans will not forgive and forget about the Seahawks loss very soon, especially if the Packers have a losing record this year.

All the fans can do is root for their beloved teams and hope that the of­ficial referees are here to stay even if they do make a bad call or two.

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