Vote Republican

By Tim Metzler

Lumen Columnist

Republicans—If you’re a normal human being, you probably don’t care about politics.  I don’t blame you.  Most days, I’m lucky if I can just get out of bed and get to class on time, let alone pay attention to all the problems in this country.  And that’s the big deal, isn’t it, the problems?  Why are there still problems?  You’d think after being the greatest country in the world for the past couple of hundred years we might have all the kinks worked out.  Unfortunately, we don’t.  So, for those of you who are on the border about why you should vote this year, please allow me to first enlighten you on what you should be looking for.

Let’s begin by examining the Democratic side.  In 2008, Barack Obama did it right.  He stood on a platform that was, for a lack of better words, mouth-wateringly tantalizing.  “Change,” he said.  Yes, that was the magic word.  I remember going to my high school classes and hearing my fellow classmates rave about how Obama was going to solve all the world’s problems.  In fact, Obama’s administration has created change in this country and this world.  However, it is the individual’s job to determine whether that change has been for the better, or whether the promise of change was really just a promise of making more promises.

Let me give you a short lesson on politics.  Ever heard of the word “rhetoric”?  It’s the art of persuasion, and it’s what Obama does best.  His 2008 platform, “change,” is a prime example of political rhetoric.  The problem isn’t what the word shows or how it appeals to us.  No, the problem is what the word prevents us from seeing, and which truths it covers up.

So, what truths have been covered up?

Naturally, no leader can really live up to his or her hype.  Let’s keep that in perspective.  But we must ask necessary and obvious questions.  Why hasn’t the economy bounced back, as we were promised it would?

Why is unemployment still above where the President promised it would be?  Why are there millions more Americans in poverty than during the Bush administration?  When it comes to the budget deficit, why does the word “trillions” hurt me right down to my kidneys?

How about this question:  How many more four-year terms does President Obama need before we all finally stop blaming the Bush administration for every single one of the government’s, and this country’s, shortcomings and failures?

In 2008, people voted for Obama not because they understood why they were voting for him, but because they had something they could hang on to; a catchphrase of sorts, a small bit of rhetoric they could nibble on from time to time.  But in the end, that promise has caused nothing short of a nation-wide case of severe indigestion.   It’s about time we stopped voting for false hope, and instead start voting for the people who are going to give us what we actually need.

This year, instead of voting for which bit of rhetoric you like best, try voting for what this country deserves.  If you vote Republican, the following is what you can expect:

Lower taxes, gradual development rather than abrupt change, limited government involvement on businesses and investing, a strong national defense, and you can also expect financial responsibility when it comes to healthcare coverage.  Yes, that means an end to free healthcare, which is, by the way, not free.  But that’s a story for another time.

However, if free healthcare is really what you want, then by all means vote for Obama and get high taxes, fewer jobs, the same economic problems we’ve had these past four years, and, of course, the deliciously empty promise of “change”.


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