Try it Tuesdays

Melissa Freund

Sports Assistant Editor

Sample platters. Buffett lines. Variety packs. They all tell you one thing about human nature: we are indecisive creatures. Do I want the nachos or mozzarella sticks? I know! Let’s get them both!

Indecisiveness is such a wide-spread problem that the world around us has begun to cater to it. But what about deciding which intramural sport to play? Well, if you are the stereotypical college student and can’t make a decision to save your life, Try it Tuesdays are for you.

Giving students the opportunity to participate in a different sport each week, Try it Tuesdays are designed for the indecisive college student. It’s like the buffet line of intramural sports.

The intramural sports program is huge on campus. Teaming up with Western Technical College, it had 589 participants during the 2011-2012 academic year. Despite being immensely popular, students had a few suggestions to make on the end of the season evaluations, many of which expressed a desire to play a variety of different sports.

However, according to Amanda Meyer, assistant director of the Recsports Department, when those sports were offered as full-season intramural leagues, they were far from popular. That’s why Try it Tuesdays were developed in the spring of 2012. “We were looking for a way to draw students into Recsports, who didn’t want to commit to a five week intramural league,” says Meyer.

That’s the beauty of Try it Tuesdays: you don’t have to commit to anything. No registration, no forfeit deposits, and no need to organize a team. “All you have to do is show up and play,” says Meyer. “Plus you’re not committed to anything. So if you want to come to floor hockey one week, but not badminton the next, that’s totally fine.”

 Similar to any other intramural league, Try it Tuesdays are open to any Viterbo or Western Tech student, as well as staff and VU alumni who have Mathy memberships. Just don’t forget to bring your I.D.

So far, there have been two Try it Tuesdays events this semester, as glow-in-the-dark ultimate Frisbee had to be canceled due to the torrential downpour Sept. 4. But when asked about the first event of the year, kickball, intramural supervisor Megan Degrood said, “Everybody had a blast.”

Still to come this semester is badminton on Sept. 25, tennis Oct. 2, sports trivia Oct. 9, and dodgeball Oct 23. The fall session ends there, but Try it Tuesdays will be back in January. The spring schedule is not yet official, but there’s been talk of “base-ketball.” If you have any event suggestions, or for more information, head to the Try it Tuesday link at, or contact Amanda Meyer.

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