‘The Bourne Legacy’: Overdue or overdone?

By Molly Grosskreutz

A&E Editor


Valerie Groebner

A&E Assistant Editor

It’s hard for action/adventure film buffs to imagine a Bourne movie without Matt Damon as the titular figure. In this fourth installment of the Bourne series, however, a new face, that of Jeremy Renner, adorns the posters and serves as “The Bourne Legacy’s” central character. But is this switch-out successful?

The film, directed by Tony Gilroy, follows Aaron Cross (Renner), a member of the same secret sect as Jason Bourne. In an attempt to shut down the faulty special-ops program, Aaron is wanted dead, so he enlists empathetic neuroscientist Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) to help him escape.  Together, Aaron and Marta flee the country, embarking on an intense multi-continental cat-and-mouse chase.

MG: This movie accomplishes what it is meant to accomplish as part of the action genre. There are plenty of visually stimulating chase scenes, fight scenes and explosions. However, the explanations as to why all these things are taking place are over-laden with technical terminology and military jargon that I don’t understand.

VG: I, too, agree with the confusion of their scientific and mathematic terminology. As an English major, I was thrown off and felt lost, for lack of a better term, during the arguments and overall dialogue.

MG: The movie is long. Too long, at 2 hours, 15 minutes. The editors could have snipped a car chase here or there, and viewers wouldn’t know the difference.

VG: Although this is a very stimulating, makes-you-think flick, I must also complain about the length. Despite the gut-wrenching and hint of depressiong tones/mood, I felt as though my vitamin D shot down even lower due to the scenes, moods, etc.

MG: I was waiting for Matt Damon to pop out at any second and reprise his role as Bourne. I was hoping for some sort of unexpected reunion between him and his colleague, but *SPOILER, the only bits of Damon’s prior involvement in the films are his old ID badges.

VG: A Matt Damon cameo would have been expected by viewers; however, if I can agree with one thing about the movie, it is that it was best he did not, for the viewers would have gotten what they expected, and the whole “superhero/Prince Charming comes to the rescue” essence would have been brought into play.

MG: …Which begs the question…should the Bourne series continue without Jason Bourne? For me, Matt Damon at the heart of each of the previous three films was key to the continuity and narrative between them. This fourth film felt too derivative of the original premise, leaving me too lost in all the complex rhetoric and fight scenes to really care about the characters.

VG: Personally, I think the Bourne series should have stopped after ‘The Bourne Ultimatium.’ When series drag on and on, finding any reason to make a fourth, fifth or even sixth installment, it ultimately loses its touch and the spark it once had that initially reeled in the audience.

Final Verdict:

MG: Thumbs down.

VG: Thumbs down.

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