Reinhart Center basement renovated

By Jessica Schurmann

Lumen Assitant Editor

Last year the Viterbo Student Government Association took $46,000 and used it to revamp the Reinhart Center basement study area. The project was completed over the summer, after many months of planning and designing.

“Several committee members were involved,” last year’s SGA President Josh Kohnhorst told Lumen. Viterbo Staff members Diane Brimmer, Pat Kerrigan, Dennis Kolb, Charles Lawrence, and Deb Kappmeyer, as well as last year’s SGA members Rhianna Nichols, Courtney Grotz, Katie Park, Josh Kohnhorst, and current SGA President Matt Krueger made up the renovation team.

“The Student Government Association created this area for non-traditional and commuter students to have a place to study and relax after several students requested such a space,” Kohnhorst added.

Before the renovation, the basement was a simple open area with white walls and scattered tables and chairs.

“It’s so much nicer down here now,” senior commuter student Ashley Gabrielson commented. “I like it because it’s quiet and the kitchen is right there for me to use.”

Fellow commuter student Scott Stene agrees. “I like it because there are not a lot of people. It’s the quietest place so far, even when classes get out.” The only downside to the renovation Stene says, is that the area is “a little dark.”

Patrick Kerrigan, Vice President for Communications and Marketing, works in an office located next to the new lounge. “Communications and Marketing has been here for a number of years, so we are very happy to see students get access to it,” Kerrigan told Lumen.

“I think students are still discovering the lounge,” he added. As people use the lounge in the upcoming months, SGA would love to receive feedback so they can continue to configure it to the students’ needs.

“I was impressed by how much thought went into the planning,” Kerrigan said of SGA’s work.

Of the end result, Kohnhorst told Lumen, “The space has exceeded my expectations and I’m really pleased we created a space which meets the needs of so many students.”

Current President Kreuger couldn’t agree more. “The finished area looks great and will be used for years to come. It is already being used frequently.”

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