Re-elect Obama

By Jessica Schurmann

Lumen Assistant Editor

Change. That is what President Barack Obama spoke of during his first election in 2008. Some people argue that not enough change has happened since Obama took office. I disagree.

Some say that he hasn’t accomplished any of his goals in the last four years. I disagree.

Why? Because of hard, solid facts.

From the moment he took office, Obama: began the long process of helping the country recover from the economic crash he inherited from Bush, providing millions of new jobs, lowering the cost of medicine for elderly people, leading the assault that finally captured Osama Bin Laden, lowering healthcare costs to a percentage that hasn’t been seen for 50 years…the list goes on and on.

Those are only some of the main issues. Students…you need to know how extremely important it is for you to vote this November. Whether you go right wing or left, it all comes down to one thing: This election directly affects us.

During the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 4, former  President Bill Clinton spoke of many issues that will change not just American’s lives, but our generation specifically.

With his student loan reform, Obama will lower the cost of federal student loans, and give students a low, fixed percentage of their income up to 20 years to pay them back. This means that we will never have loan payments that are too high, because they will always be based on our level of income.

The President has already begun work on the health insurance policies, giving more than 3 million people ages 19-25 insurance for the first time. We all know how ridiculously expensive health care is, and Obama knows it too. He will bring down the cost for everyone, not just the already-wealthy insurance companies.

Obama has his priorities straight. His priority I should say. Us. “Us” as in the American people as a whole, working together. Governor Romney is only interested in alleviating debt from the wealthy. How will that solve anything? The rich will just get richer and the poor will just get poorer.

President Obama also does not judge. He welcomes people from every country, sexual orientation, religion, and social class. This is the first basic step to working together as a country: we must accept one another as human beings. Judgments cannot stand in the way of progress.

By 2014, under Obama’s jurisdiction, every single soldier will be permanently removed from the Middle East. The President has made excellent progress in decreasing spending on the war. The money saved will be used to pay off our country’s debt and to continue the rebuilding process. The decisions the Presidential office is making now will save our country; not bury it deeper in loss and debt.

During the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 27-30, Romney and his fellow spokespeople spoke against the President. President Clinton summed up the Republican speech well: “We (Republicans) left him a total mess, he didn’t clean it up fast enough, so fire him and let us back in.”

Ever since they both existed, the Democratic and Republican parties have been butting heads in almost every conceivable situation. It is nearly impossible to pass an important law or make a difficult decision when two parties clash so strongly. Obama has persevered, however, and although it may take longer than he would like, changes are being made.

The country is moving in the right direction. I choose Barack Obama not only because of his excellent leadership skills and moral character, but also because he makes realistic decisions that will benefit the entire nation. That means us, not just our bosses and their bosses’ boss.

I choose Barack Obama because he chooses us.

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