Don’t forget to vote!

By Jordan Weiker

Campus Life Assistant Editor

For Viterbo students wanting to vote in this year’s Nov. 6 elections, next week is National Voter Registration Day.  On Tuesday, Sept. 25, volunteers and a number of organizations across the country will unite to assist with registering and educating potential voters.

VU College Democrats will be among those organizations stepping forward, registering students to vote at 6:30 p.m. in the Assisi Courtyard.  Following will be an outdoor concert featuring musician Mario Street and a local politician,  which was not announced before going to press.
VU College Republicans were contacted regarding National Voter Registration Day on campus; however, no reply was sent to Lumen prior to publication.

This event gives students at Viterbo the chance to make their vote count.  As Laura Fox, president of VU College Democrats told Lumen, “The first step in voting is to get registered.  If you’re registered to vote, you’re probably going to vote.  Take advantage of the opportunity to get registered to vote, and then vote.”

This is a nonpartisan event, so use this day to prepare yourself for the upcoming elections.

Especially important is that if you register before the 20 days prior to the election, no proof of residency is required.  After this 20 day period, proof of residency is required, and the potential voter must register at City Hall or at the voting polls on election day.  Many may be wondering how this works if they’re home state is not WI, or perhaps they’re registered somewhere else to vote.

Good news if one is from a state other than Wis. or a district outside of La Crosse, he can be registered to vote in La Crosse since he is a student.  If one registers in La Crosse though, this will withdraw registration from the prior district.  So, if one would like to keep their existing registration, request an absentee ballot from the current voting district. The process of an absentee ballot request varies from state to state, but student special registration deputies will be available on Sept. 25 for assistance, if needed.

For those students interested in registration, he or she must be living at their current address—or new address if they’re moving—in the municipality of La Crosse 28 days prior to the Nov. 6 elections.

Additionally, registration can be done online. Those students interested can go to or, which is linked to turbovote.  So don’t forget to register, and as Uncle Sam might say, don’t forget to vote.

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