Campus takes a week to get healthier

By Jessica Hartling

Campus Life Assitant Editor

For college students, it is easy to get caught in the trap of eating junk food at all hours of the day, and not making time in their schedule to get some physical exercise. The week of Sept 24-28, the campus is taking time to get healthier.

Each Thursday during Healthy Living Week has a specific theme. Last year it was Mental Health, and this year it focuses on Body Image Awareness.  Body Image Awareness Day is taking place in the Nursing Center from 12-4:30 p.m.. The overall goal of the day is to learn about how to end the negativity many people receive and see when it comes to their bodies. The activities throughout the day consist of a panel, “End Fat Talk” pledges, and a speaker named Stacey Prussman. Prussman is from New York and has been a motivational speaker, a stand-up comedian, and an eating disorder survivor. She will be speaking 3:30-4:30 in the lecture hall in the Nursing Center, Room 196 to conclude Body Image Awareness day sponsored by Campus Activities.

Other activities on campus this week include: BYOB- bring your own banana located on Franciscan Way on Monday. Free bike tune ups, caramel apples, and red watch band training will be on Tuesday for all those who are interested.  To those concerned about their overall well-being, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Screenings, as well as Self Defense Classes, are on Wednesday. To close up the week, A Lunch N’ Learn focused on the topic of spinal health will be held on Friday afternoon. Lastly, RECtoberfest will be held at UW-La Crosse, with transportation being provided.

Throughout the week, the Step Challenge is taking place. This challenge encourages students and staff to see how many steps in one week they take. Prizes will be awarded to the top three people who take the most steps. It is free to those who own a pedometer and $5 to those do not own one.

Free 20 minute massages are also being offered throughout the week. In order to sign up, students and staff must go to the Student Development Center.

The Recreational Sports Department, Campus Activities, Health Services, and TNT Club, are sponsoring Healthy Living Week. Marci Kuhrt, director of Recreational Sports, states that Healthy Living Week started in 2008 and “originally it was under Campus Activities, but a few years ago it was taken by Recreational Sports.”  According to Kuhrt, Healthy Living Week was created to “provide healthy resources and activities at the beginning of the school year.” And this year is no different.

When asked why she would recommend that students partake in Healthy Living Week, Kuhrt states that “there are a variety of educational opportunities and activities” and that students should take advantage of the services offered.

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