A formal retirement from Lumen

By Jordan Murray

Sports Editor

Once upon a time, I thought about majoring in journalism. I was in high school, had no idea what I wanted to do, and enjoyed my jour­nalism class I took my junior year. Over time my focus turned towards the health-science arena and, for several reasons, I entered the field of dietetics and nutrition.

I’m very happy with my choice to become a nutrition major. I’m also very happy that I was able to get a taste of journalism by working as Lumen’s sports editor for the past three and a half years.

About halfway through my fresh­man year, I was sitting in the cafete­ria looking at an edition of Lumen. I noticed that the sports section was made up of about four brief para­graphs on the back page. I also saw, in big bold words, the phrase “SPORTS EDITOR NEEDED.”

I was immediately interested and contacted Jessica Weber, the editor of the paper at the time. I asked what I needed to do to get the posi­tion. She told me that if I sent her an article by the end of the week, I was hired. I think I was so excited to get the position that I wrote three or four.

I love sports. My life revolves around sports, probably more than it should. I grew up reading Sports Illustrated, old NBA reference books from the eighties, and every baseball-related book I could get my hands on. I would annoy my dad with questions ranging from “Who was better, Willis Reed or Dave Cowens?” to “Who had a bet­ter curveball, Bert Blyleven or Pete Vuckovich?”

This is why I’ve enjoyed writing for Lumen so much. I’ve been able to write about something I’m in­terested in, something I care about. Playing two years of baseball here at Viterbo has allowed me to develop some great friendships, but I’ve also met a ton of great people because I was able to interview them and share their accomplishments with the campus and the Viterbo commu­nity through Lumen.

I’ve also been able to have some fun. This spring’s April Fools’ edi­tion was memorable for the simple fact that I received text messages from multiple people—who shall remain unnamed—who had clearly missed the joke. Just to clarify, Viter­bo will not be adding unicycle polo as a varsity sport next year, nor will the V-Hawks be joining the Big Ten Conference. At least not yet.

I have a few people I want to thank for all the times they’ve helped me out over the past few years. Nate Beier and Eric Kunick have been in­credibly generous in sharing sports photos with me to give the sports page some color.

Jessica Weber, Zach Johnson, and Kasie Von Haden have been great editors to work with; there have been many times when I haven’t quite met my deadline and they were all understanding with me when I was running a bit behind. The rest of the staff has been consis­tently great each year as well, help­ing me with ideas and advice when I needed it.

And Lyon Evans—he’s the guy that picks up our pizza for layout meetings on Sunday afternoons. I think he reads over our articles too. Thanks, Lyon.

Finally, to all of you who read Lumen, thank you. We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from read­ers this year, and I hope the Viterbo community continues to show Lu­men the support we’ve received this year.

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