2012 Rose Award winners announced

By Kasie Von Haden

Lumen Editor

The 2012 Rose Awards ceremony was held on Thursday, May 3 in the Recital Hall. Faculty and staff gath­ered to celebrate the work of profes­sors, advisors, and employees of the University. In total, 19 awards were distributed in recognition of indi­viduals’ talent and contributions to the university.

Rochelle Brooks, associate profes­sor of business, received this year’s Teacher of the Year Award.

Help Desk Service Coordinator Chad Gilbeck received this year’s Employee of the Year Award.

The Alec Chiu Memorial Award was given to Mary Ellen Haupert, associate professor of music. The Alec Chiu Memorial Award is given to a faculty member to recognize his or her efforts to engage students in scholarly activities.

The award for Outstanding Un­dergraduate Academic Adviser Award was given to Melissa Growt, an academic counselor in the Aca­demic

Resource Center. Betty Pfaff, coordinator of the teacher licensure program, received the award for Outstanding Graduate Academic Adviser.

The Sister Helen Elsbernd Dinstin­guished Service Award was given to Michael Smuksta, associate profes­sor of history.

Jan Janiszewski, associate profes­sor of business, was presented with the Finucan Exemplar of Mission Award. The Pax et Bonum (Peace and All Good) Award was given to the Custodial Staff.

Several awards were also distrib­uted to adjunct faculty of Viterbo. These were presented to Marsha Kurth in the Center for Adult Learn­ing, Kristine Gerke in the Dahl School of Business, Susan Johnson in the School of Letters and Sciences, Jennifer Slusser in the School of Ed­ucation, Donna Ferry in the School of Nursing, and Jen Brown in the School of Fine Arts.

Servant Leader Awards were also given to several members of the Vit­erbo community: Custodial Services Supervisor Greg Erpenbach, Reg­istrar Amy Gleason, School of Fine Arts Administrative Assistant Susan Hauser, Professor of biology Ward Jones, and Associate Professor of English Rolf Samuels.

Descriptions of the awards can be found at www.viterbo.edu/awards.

The following are excerpts from nomination forms for some of the winners:

Teacher of the Year, Rochelle Brooks (Began employment Aug. 21, 1998)

“Out of all of the courses that I’ve taken online, Rochelle, by far, was the best teacher that I’ve had. She is extremely involved with her on­line students and always accessible when you need additional help.

Her class was extremely chal­lenging; however, I felt that she pro­vided us with all of the tools that we needed in order to be successful in the class. She always graded work in a timely manner, answered emails in a timely manner, participated in the discussion boards, offered en­couragement, was very detailed about the expectations, provided feedback, provided additional guid­ance as necessary, and demonstrat­ed a true concern for the success of her students.

Rochelle is a top-notch teacher and Viterbo should be ecstatic to have her as a professor.”

Employee of the Year, Chad Gil­beck (Began employment Jan. 17, 2002)

“If you have a computer prob­lem, whom will you call? Chad. For the thousands of big and small fixes he performs for students and em­ployees each year with a smile and a joke, Chad deserves this recogni­tion.

He is always there to help with large and small problems. There isn’t a person on campus who doesn’t feel comfortable calling Chad because he shows daily how much he knows and how willing he is to serve.

He has attended numerous cam­pus events, served on the iPad ini­tiative, the hiring committee for our new instructional design person and helped untangle the Moodle/Black­board decision.”

Alec Chiu Memorial Award, Mary Ellen Haupert (Began employment Aug. 16, 2003)

“Mary Ellen has established an extensive and impressive record of creative-scholarly accomplishments that includes performances, presen­tations, publications, master classes, and adjudication, both within and outside the university.

Most notably, Dr. Haupert has expanded and enhanced student learning in music by embedding a composition project into the sopho­more-level theory curriculum.

By ‘taking the fear’ out of mu­sic composition, students learn the skills necessary for the gestation and birth of a musical work that is uniquely theirs. Through a mentor­ing process that fosters meaning and purpose, combined with guidance and encouragement, Mary Ellen helps students develop a concept, compose, edit, and finally perform their works.

Beyond the campus, Dr. Haupert has published and presented her theory pedagogy at the Internation­al Conference on Fine and Perform­ing Arts in Athens, Greece, the Inter­national Conference on Education and New Technologies in Barcelona, Spain, the Lilly Conference on Col­lege & University Teaching-West, and at the Finch Center for Teaching and Learning at Maryville Univer­sity in St. Louis.

She recently submitted a proposal to present her findings at the 4th World Piano Conference Novi Sad, Serbia.

Her passion and dedication to students helps unlock their creative potential, guides them as artists and scholars, and connects classroom learning with real-world experi­ences.”

Outstanding Undergraduate Aca­demic Adviser, Melissa Growt (Be­gan employment July 6, 1993)

“Melissa Growt serves as academ­ic adviser for students admitted into Pre-Nursing (5 year nursing).

Because Melissa works with her advisees during STAR registration, she is the ‘go to’ person for these students throughout their first year. She is readily available to and for these students.

Because of her lengthy history of working with these students, she anticipates their frustrations, needs and challenges. She is a support for them as they move into nursing courses or other majors.

These students typically want to be a nurse but many do not make it in the program. Melissa balances sensitivity to not defeating their en­thusiasm yet encouraging them to be open minded to other majors. She is focused on the individual needs of the student and she is giving, caring, empathetic, and genuine in her rela­tionships with her advisees.”

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