Sept. 21 is Peace Day

Dear Editor of Lumen,

Imagine a world with no violence or hatred. A worldwide organiza­tion, Peace One Day, is commit­ted to making that image a reality. Peace One Day was founded in 1999 by Jeremy Gilley to establish the world’s first ever global ceasefire and non-violence day, Sept. 21.

Jeremy’s mission was affirmed when the United Nations unani­mously adopted the date as the world’s day of peace in 2001. As a result, countries across the world came together on Sept. 21, planned events, and passed legislation to rec­ognize the global truce.

In 2007, 4.5 million children in Afghanistan received polio vaccina­tion because of peace talks agreed upon by all parties in the region in­cluding the Taliban.

In 2008, the United Nations re­ported the nation of Afghanistan saw a 70% reduction in violence on Peace Day.

As president of Viterbo’s Student Government Association, I was se­lected as the student ambassador for Peace One Day in North America.

On Feb. 27, nine students from around the world met at the student launch event for the Global Truce 2012 movement in London. At this event, representatives discussed how to gain student commitment to Peace One Day.

Student leaders across the world are being asked to join Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2012 campaign.

The Global Truce 2012 campaign’s goals are to see the largest recorded reduction of global violence, both domestically and internationally, as well as the largest ever gather­ing of individuals in the name of peace. Our campaign will focus on bringing a greater awareness to the prevention of domestic violence and bullying in our local schools.

Viterbo and the greater La Crosse community will play a vital role in this process because on Sept. 21, La Crosse will host a large event mark­ing Peace Day. La Crosse is the per­fect community to make this move­ment a reality. It’s my hope that our community leaders stand behind us to help execute our goals

If students would like to be a part of the North American Peace One Day campaign, I encourage them to contact me at


-Josh Kohnhorst

Senior business education major from Tomah, Wis.

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