Faculty present, celebrate scholarship

By Janelle Mathews

Campus Life Editor

The first inaugural Celebration of Faculty Scholarship took place in the Reinhart Boardroom on Friday, April 13.

Kirsten Gabriel, academic pro­grams coordinator at Viterbo, said that “this is an event designed to rec­ognize faculty who have published scholarly works, and it is also an opportunity for faculty to network with one another.” Faculty includes all of the program directors, not only professors.

Gabriel teamed up with Theresa Moore, the director of faculty devel­opment, as co-coordinator to plan the event. A similar event was held a couple of years ago, but this is the first event of this kind to be offered to faculty, Gabriel said.

Within each department, there are different standards for publish­ing works. According to Gabriel, publishing works is “certainly en­couraged in every discipline, and what we are finding is that a lot of faculty are presenting works, which is fantastic; however, there aren’t as many faculty who are publishing but, hopefully, this will be an event that helps people take that next step in their scholarly work.”

The two-hour event consisted of six poster sessions presented by in­dividual faculty members and seven round table events where “two fac­ulty who are paired together who have somewhat similar research, and the idea is that then people can come sit down and talk with those folks and hear a little bit about their work,” Gabriel explained.

One of the featured presenters was Karla Hughes, assistant professor of theatre and music theatre. Hughes was featured on a CD with a little booklet, and this event was show­casing her published work.

Another presenter was Gre­tel Stock-Kupperman, Todd Wehr Memorial Library director, whose published works included a way of looking at cataloging.

Gabriel is hoping to do this event again next year because she thinks “the event is great. Faculty are ex­cited about it, and the people who are presenting are excited about it.”

Gabriel also mentioned that “more often than not people know what is going on within their department, but they don’t often know what is going on in other departments or schools. Hopefully, this event will be a chance for cross-disciplinary work.”

This event was also an opportu­nity for faculty to find connections within their work to other faculty’s work and build connections with that faculty member just making the connections across different disci­plines even stronger, Gabriel said.

The event showcased only Viterbo faculty members’ published works.

“Hopefully, there will be an event similar to this next year for Viterbo faculty,” Gabriel said.

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