‘Hunger Games’ catching fire at Viterbo

By Janelle Mathews

Campus Life Editor

The phenomenon that is catching fire throughout Viterbo is “The Hunger Games” trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. A person cannot go anywhere on campus without seeing one of the books or a trailer for the first movie which premieres March 23. In fact, I remember looking around my Spanish class one morning and glimpsing seven different people in varying stages of intense reading. I thought to myself: what are they all reading? Of course, it was “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

In the first book, Katniss Everdeen participates in the Capital’s 74th annual hunger games where two children from each of the 12 districts, one boy and one girl, are forced to fight to the death in a specialized arena where only one person will walk out alive. What Katniss does not expect on her journey is to make friends, fall in love, and become famous. She only expects one thing: death. Will Katniss survive, or will she die as the countless other children have died?

I can personally attest to the all-consuming world that Suzanne Collins creates in her books, having read “The Hunger Games,” “Catching Fire,” and “Mockingjay” each in about seven hours. So what exactly appeals to readers about “The Hunger Games?”

According to Michael Bergemann, senior elementary education major from Lena, Ill., “In ‘The Hunger Games’ book, the Capital is the government, and they have too much power. They prove their power by hosting the hunger games annually. I love how this book focuses on that issue.”

Another senior elementary education major, Melissa Wilczek from Thorp, Wis., says she “really enjoys young adult literature and was completely consumed by the story, both laughing and crying while reading.”

Tim Metzler, junior English major from Onalaska, Wis., appreciates that “‘The Hunger Games’ is the new fad. I was a fan of “Star Wars,” and “Lord of the Rings,” as well, so when the final movies for both series came out, I was left to cope with just re-watching the previous movies. The Twilight series has been cruel to me, and I won’t bring myself to indulge in watching movies that only middle-age mothers and their teenage daughters enjoy. Suzanne Collins’s new series was a delightful read.”

The trilogy does have the usual love triangle that seems to permeate most young adult novels these days like “Twilight.” Will Katniss choose Gale, her hunting partner of several years, or Peeta, the boy who saved her from starving? This decision has spurred people to choose teams. Aside from that, this trilogy is nothing like “Twilight.”

You can either read the books or see “The Hunger Games” which premieres on Friday and is the “most anticipated movie of the year” according to http://www.msnbc.com. The film version was written and adapted by Suzanne Collins herself, so it should stick fairly close to the original storyline of the book.

Metzler said, “The movies will be gruesome, with a hint of humanity and love. The first movie will be perfect for fans of multiple genres, not just sci-fi/fantasy fans, nor just romancers.” It will encompass many different genres.

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  1. stuartneaca291

     /  April 9, 2012

    I got to see The Hunger Games with my nephew and nieces. Not a bad movie, though I didn’t think much of it from the trailers. I’m not familiar with the book, but the description from IMDB gave it a Running Man vibe but with much younger participants. Undecided if I would blog review the movie. But thumbs up over all.


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