What are you paying for when you live in Clare?

By Kasie Von Haden

Lumen Editor

As a student who works with the Office of Residence Life, I have been quite excited to learn about all of the features that the new Clare Apart­ments have to offer. I assumed all of the space, new furniture, parking and policy changes would seal the deal for many students who were deciding whether or not to stay on campus next year, or for students who weren’t sure where they want­ed to live.

From what I’ve heard, the biggest concern for students deciding to live in (or not live in) Clare stems from finances. Other on-campus apart­ments, Rose Terrace, McDonald Terrace, Canticle House and Treacy House, cost approximately $4,190 per academic year. Clare, though, does cost a little more. For a year in Clare, students would have to pay $4,600. On top of it, students who live in Viterbo-owned housing are required to purchase a meal plan.

This is a large sum of money for students to think about, especially when they are also paying for tu­ition, books, fees and other expenses for school.

However, I feel that this cost for Clare should not be a deterrent for students who are interested in living in Clare. Financially, the difference between Clare and other on campus apartments is $410. But, in my opin­ion, the other differences between Clare and other apartments make that $410 money well spent.

One aspect of Clare that stands out is that each resident will have his or her own bedroom, whereas in the other apartments, students have to share a bedroom with another resident. In addition, there are two bathrooms in each of the four-per­son apartments, which makes coor­dinating morning bathroom times a lot easier.

Another feature that makes Clare a desirable destination for student living is the furnishings provided. Now, each Viterbo-owned apart­ment comes fully furnished for stu­dents. But, as a resident in the on- campus apartments, I can say that the furniture, especially the couches and chairs in the living room, isn’t the most comfortable. The furniture for Clare, however, has been select­ed by students who could be using it. This ensures that the chairs and couches in Clare, along with being brand new, will probably be com­fortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Another great part of Clare, in my opinion, regards some of the poli­cies that are still in place in the other apartments on campus. Visitation policies have been eliminated for the building in order to establish an “off campus feel.” In Clare, residents will be allowed to have members of the opposite sex in their apartments at any time, whereas in all other on-campus apartments, opposite-sex guests are not allowed to be in the apartment from midnight-10 a.m. on weekdays and 2 a.m.-10 a.m. on weekends.

Additionally, resident assistants on each floor have been replaced with two peer advisers for the Clare community. The peer advisers will hold office hours at a desk in the lobby area of Clare and will assist in facility maintenance and concerns as they arise, but will not be doing rounds as other resident assistants do in other on-campus housing.

In addition, the quiet hours pol­icy may not be as heavily enforced, becasue it will not be monitored by resident assistants going on rounds.

Along with these features, other features that are already present within on-campus apartments will remain the same, such as having con­trollable air conditioning, a kitchen area, cable, wireless internet, lounge areas throughout the building and a private, secure parking garage.

On a separate note, I know the $250 price for a parking spot in the garage is also a concern for students. But, where else can students forget about trying to find a spot and hav­ing to clear off snow from their cars? And let’s not forget about the al­ternate side parking issue. Another amount of money well spent, if you ask me.

So, that $410 — or $660 with park­ing — difference? Worth it, in my opinion. That money covers the reg­ular things you’d expect in an apart­ment, like furnishings and a kitchen, but also for so much more, like free­dom, privacy, and extra bathroom space.

Though I won’t be here to en­joy all that Clare has to offer, I hope other students will begin to consider everything they are paying for when they sign up to live in Clare.

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