A taste of the best La Crosse has to offer

By Missy Katner

Lumen Assistant Editor

Best Pizza: Jeff and Jim’s Pizza

Located at the heart of the down­town area, Jeff and Jim’s is a small dingy place with an old school piz­zeria approach.

The delivery service can be slow, sometimes taking over an hour. But the pizza is arguably the best in La Crosse. Jeff and Jim’s offers a wide range of pies, from classic pepper­oni to stranger concoctions—Gyro Guy, Spud Supreme.

Prices are mid-range but more af­fordable than Toppers Pizza.

Best Soda Shop: The Pearl, Sweet Shop

It’s a tossup between The Pearl and the Sweet Shop.

The Pearl is appealing with its bow-tied servers and convenient downtown location. The ice cream is better, but pricier.

The less trafficked Sweet Shop is located on the North side. The ice cream is cheaper but still delicious and the chocolate sweets are heav­enly.

Most Unexpected: Beef & Etc.

Straight off the streets of Chicago, Beef & Etc. brings no-funny-busi­ness food to La Crosse.

The building itself honestly looks a bit sketchy. But the interior is wall­papered with Chicago parapherna­lia. The tables are covered with red checkered tablecloths. It’s kind of charming, in a grouchy sort of way.

The homemade Italian beef sand­wich is the highlight.

Best “Break the Bank” Food: The Freight House

Caution: This is a major devia­tion from the “college” budget. The steaks and prime rib are naturally aged.

The lobster is flown in daily. Need I say more?

The Freight House offers the best fare that money can buy. Be pre­pared to pay up to $50 for a meal, but the food is worth it — once.

Best Chinese: Hmong’s Egg Rolls

La Crosse isn’t exactly a hotspot of great ethnic food, so this may be more of a contest of which will not make you sick.

However, we are gearing this to­wards poor college students, so best Chinese food is a must. Hmong’s Egg Rolls does indeed have deli­cious egg rolls and tasty soups.

However, in terms of takeout, China Star is the winner, with mas­sive portions for reasonable prices.

Best Bar: Bodega Brew Pub, The Recovery Room

Selecting the best bar in La Crosse may be a death sentence for an out-of-towner. However, based on popular opinion, Bodega Brew Pub seems to be enjoyed by the widest range of people. Its large selection of domestic and imported beers and relaxed atmosphere make it unique among the other downtown bars.

The Recovery Room, a small tav­ern modeled after an emergency medical center, sounds very strange. But it is a favorite among Viterbo students since it is only a stone’s throw from campus. The “Recov” room has a more local bar feel. The crowd is a varied mixture of old and young, so the atmosphere just de­pends on the night.

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