‘Secret Garden’ to be garden friendly

Molly Grosskreutz

A&E Editor

Preparation for Viterbo’s perfor­mance of the musical “Secret Gar­den” is well underway. The prop department is busy crafting ornate set pieces, the costume department is perfecting the clothing choices, and performers have been rehears­ing since before the end of winter break.

The upcoming show is already remarkable because everyone in­volved in its production is trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

According to Set Designer Sadie Ward, “When I first read the script, it seemed ironic to me to tell a story about a garden just to throw it away when the show was over. I wanted to be sure to incorporate elements of sustainability into the design.”

The sustainable elements of the show include crafting flowers out of plastic soda bottles, making topiar­ies out of old electrician’s wire, and designing other props within stock scenery sizes so that they can be saved and reused for later shows.

Prop Supervisor Jen Brown agrees with Ward.

“We are reducing, reusing, and recycling,” Brown said. “Everyone should do it.”

Aside from the new props they have created, the production crew has tried to incorporate old props from past shows. And after this show ends, the crew intends to donate some things to local high schools in an attempt to throw away as little as possible.

The show runs Feb. 24-26, and tickets are still available at the Vit­erbo Box Office.

When asked why students ought to see the show, Costume Designer Bryce Turgeon said simply, “It is a visually striking production to match an empowering piece.”

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