Skating and broomball in Assisi?

By Jordan Murray

Sports Editor

Viterbo University now has a cam­pus ice rink, located in the Assisi Courtyard between Murphy Cen­ter and the Dahl School of Business building. It is tentatively scheduled to be completed, ice and all, by Feb. 1.

The rink, which is 100 feet by 76 feet, will be open for recreational use by the Viterbo community, which includes students, staff, employees, and their families. Evening use will be made possible by lights that will project on the rink from the roof of the Murphy Center.

The Viterbo Recreational Sports department will hold an intramural broomball league at the rink, in ad­dition to a broomball tournament on Saturday, Feb. 11. Broomball is simi­lar to hockey, but is played without skates, replaces a puck with a small ball, and sticks with a broom-like end. Registration for the two events will be online at

Marci Kuhrt, director of Recre­ational Sports at Viterbo, told Lu­men that the purchase of the rink was funded by Viterbo’s Student Government Association and that the rink will be maintained by the recreational sports staff. Ice skate rentals will not be offered on cam­pus, but ice skates are available at local sporting goods stores like MC Sports and Play It Again Sports.

“It [the rink] will be a good thing because it’s close and we can just go out on the ice to skate and relax,” commented freshman Jena Trones. “It’s different from the other things that are offered here on campus,” Trones added.

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