ARC receives more tutoring requests than ever

By Missy Katner

Assistant Editor

The Academic Resource Cen­ter (ARC) is busier than ever with a huge influx of tutoring requests. It has received 340 requests in the first four days of the semester—a record for the tutoring hub.

At the same time, the ARC has been forced to tighten its purse strings this year. Jane Eddy, the di­rector of the ARC, told Lumen that she has done whatever she can to “not cut any tutoring.”

The ARC is funded partly by a federal grant and partly from the university. A Student Support Ser­vices (SSS) grant is given out to most schools depending on need and size. It is intended to be additional sup­port for first generation students. 60 percent of freshmen qualify for SSS.

This year, all academic institu­tions have experienced reduced fed­eral funding.

“When you are funded, they say the worst case scenario is you will have level funding,” commented Eddy. The ARC usually receives a one to two percent increase from the standard level grant.

For now, the ARC’s budget is more affected by continually rising prices rather than by these grant re­ductions. Eddy stated that the ARC will be financially secure for at least three years, but applying for the grant can be a stressful process.

“We’re always biting our finger­nails, wondering if we’re going to get the money,” Eddy said.

Tutoring is so far not affected by the reductions because Viterbo pays staff salaries. The expenditures for the space and furniture all come from Viterbo as well.

Rising numbers of participants in tutoring raises the question of expansion. Some larger universi­ties conduct tutoring within depart­ments and may even have separate writing and math centers. These programs often require students to pay out of pocket, Eddy said.

When asked about the large num­ber of students requesting tutoring, Eddy responded, “We chose the model of centralization [to create] a one-stop shop for students. We will keep with this space and will con­tinue being creative.”

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