What in the World happened?

By Missy Katner

Lumen Assistant Editor

WWII bomb found under German city

On Dec. 4, the city of Koblenz in Germany was a forbidden area. Upon discovering several danger­ous bombs from WWII, 45,000 people (half the city’s population) were told to evacuate. It was the largest German evacuation since the end of the war. A large Brit­ish air bomb was found that has the potential to destroy the city’s center. The deactivation of bombs is a common practice in Germany.

Scientists may be able to clone mammoth

Japanese and Russian scientists confirmed the presence of well-preserved bone marrow in a mam­moth thighbone found in Siberia. The huge mammal, which became extinct about 10,000 years ago. The process begins with transplantation of nuclei from the bone marrow into elephant egg cells. The embryo created would then be planted into an elephant womb.

Unrest in the Arab world

A U.N. Rights council voted to condemn the Syrian government for violence against its citizens. Since March, thousands of deaths and abuses have resulted from a government crackdown. Protests broke out in Tahrir, Egypt just before the first election since the outing of former-President Hosni Mubarak. It was the highest voter turnout in the country’s history.

Bullets found in the walls of the White House

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was charged on with attempted assassination of President Obama. On Nov. 24, a shooting incident occurred outside the White House. Some hit the building near the residence area where the First Fam­ily lives. One bullet hit a window and was stopped by ballistic glass. Acquaintances of Hernandez say that he referred to Obama as “the anti-Christ.”

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