‘Touchstone’ under construction

By Molly Grosskreutz

A&E Assistant Editor

Change is in the air for Touch­stone, Viterbo’s annual student lit­erature and artwork publication. In past years, the Touchstone spring release event has taken place at the same time as other independent stu­dent art shows, which has caused some distraction from the publica­tion’s rich content.

“Touchstone is a different entity,” Touchstone’s Assistant Literary Edi­tor Janelle Matthews said. Its spring release ought to be a separate event from an art show, she continued.

The Touchstone release event is not the only aspect of the publica­tion undergoing changes. Mat­thews also noted that the magazine will be expanding from just art and literature, and will be accepting digital submissions of student work in the theatre, music and communi­cation departments. Such submis­sions may include recorded theatre performances, videos, or even stu­dent-composed audio tracks. “We live in the 21st century. People do make their own music and their own performances,” Matthews said. All Touchstone selections will be published online.

The deadline for Touchstone sub­missions is fast approaching. Mat­thews estimates that the deadline for submissions will be in January, spanning a few weeks after we re­turn from break. Keep an eye out for the posters.

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